Who are the machine elves on DMT

Heard you see machine elves while on DMT

Who are they?

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gremnlins are supossed to be technology elvenkind, althought according to legend they tend to do sabottage, maybe there are other kind of gremnlins

Probably tripped out imagination.

Grimlins are their own kind of type of fae they aren’t elven.


yes thats true, but you can describe them as some sort of elves if you didnt find how else to describe them

The concept was coined by Terence McKenna and it is associated with the theme of robotic like beings with mechanical features to them (fluid/electronic robust). They can also be seen on shrooms.

People have ended up everywhere on the map when they smoke DMT, the experience is not limited one archetype of beings but rather several including different versions of yourself. I think that they are a group of elves that belong to hyperspace, which is another term coined to reference the state of equilibrium that the mind’s faculty perceives; so smoking DMT serves only as a gateway to these planes which indeed other specific energy sources belong to.

I think that they like fun, and carry a draconian-like energy but I cannot be for sure what I knew behind their intentions although at the time they were very friendly and we traveled a wormhole together at light speed rate. They love it when newcomers past by, they put on a show. DMT can be such a “soul snatching” experience that it’ll make every second count, by itself. It’s an experience worth to see, it will only show what you need to see not want. Take care! :slight_smile:

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