Who are some of the wealth spirits?

Knowing that Mammon has a B shaped sigil, I can’t really trust it.

So which spirits are to help me with wealth in currency?

Plutus, Ganesha, Cernunnos, Fortuna, Manat, and Lakshmi as well, among others.

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Try using the search function. There are plenty of threads listing such spirits.

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I already have my eyes on Plutus but couldn’t find his seal and I’ve got no grimoire about Olympian spirits.

They dont have sigils, you look for hymns or create a hymn, once you establish contact you can ask him to give you a sigil or empower a sigil of your own making. You can even do a petition spell.

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Do you know about Plutus ’ one?

Or do I make it myself?

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Most material entity I’ve ever worked with. And quick too.



However yes you can make your own as well.

Mind blowing as to how you got there. Thanks.

i use this ring for mammon. it’s not b shape. image i like the fact that it gots letter M. my real name starts with M

Don’t know if it works yet. Just testing it. The maker says mammon is what made his life finance rich. So i thought i give it a shot with this ring. doesn’t hurt as it didn’t cost much. The return could be more valuable then the cost the ring. Could be life changing if this sigil works with mammon accepting to help me.