Who actually successfully improved their Astral senses to a great extent?

Let’s collect data and resources about magician that successfully opened their Astral senses. I feel like there is no definitive path and it’s mostly “either you have it, or don’t” from what I see on this forum, so if any of you went from a totally magick noob, with close to 0 Astral senses to constantly being able to communicate with spirit in any way (sight, hearing, feeling, touch, telepathy) please share your journey with us :smile:.

I am personally working on it and I think the thing that improve Astral senses is trying to telepathically hear, see or and talk with a magician friend. I started to hear whispers that way.

Also I feel like the ability to see/hear entities drastically depends on the amount of energy they put on the communication. I believe that even a telepathically blind magician wouldn’t be able to ignore an overwhelming energy or presence.


Do you need other newbies to track progress with, or are you just looking for established see/feel/hear/sense-ers? I used to have it when I was young, but I burnt it out around the age of 24 with disbelief and too much Datura tripping. I’m working on trying to get a little of it back.

Right now, my full progress has just been…getting into TGS, receiving some impressions (not truly seen or heard, but more known or thought of. They are usually quite random.), and getting buzzing and/or tuning fork style sounds in my left ear while meditating.

If it gets better, I will let you know.


It’s my experience that everyone has at least one of their astral senses open enough to begin communication. It may not be super strong but it exists, the trick is figuring it out and moving from there. Personally I feel things, touches, heaviness, a head rushy vacuum/vortex thing on occasion. I also seem to have a natural affinity for telepathy, people, spirits, animals, though I have two problems at the moment.

Firstly I’m strong in projection, but I struggle with reception, this leads to a lot of one sided conversations. Secondly because I’m almost always at least partially in my head, it’s difficult to tell which are my own thoughts and which are spirit communication. I’m getting better at telling the difference, but it’s like learning another language. If they come from nowhere or don’t follow a traceable train of thought, then it’s usually spirits talking to me. My own patterns of thinking are usually linear and traceable and can be followed back to what I originally thought of.

Visually I’m pretty weak at the moment, but it is improving. I’m beginning to get clear quick pictures either while meditating or while I’m caught up doing something else. Before bed seems to be a popular time as well. Interpreting any of these messages is another matter entirely. Practice and belief are the most important things. You create what you perceive as real.


Both are fine. And thanks for sharing your experience.

I used to do the TGS before. Thought I didn’t know about it before. What I was doing was trying to induce an hypnogogic state so I could hear and feel various things. For some reason I don’t seem to be able to recreate such state since a few years :thinking:.

Very enlightening, thanks.

I was trying to create a Tulpa before and I had the same issue about knowing who’s the one thinking or talking. I understand you, it’s really not easy to make the difference. Most of the time the thoughts I were receiving just felt like mines.

And the tricky part is, even asking for a confirmation… “Hey X, is It you”? The response just sounds like yours and you think you’re just making it up, lol.


When I ask if they are there or which one of you was that type of thing, I get touch as a response. Right now I’m trying to figure out the difference between the touches.