White magick to combat black magick

Is there any type of white magick I can use that will combat black magick I’m being psychically attacked relentlessly.

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Not sure if you’d consider it “White Magick” but Archangel Michael is fantastic for protection.

That and Gordon Winterfield’s book Angels of Wrath has a very potent Invalidation spell that utilizes angelic power to shut off whatever is getting thrown at you.

Just …knowing him, make sure you pay for the book unless you know someone who has a physical copy. Things are very likely to get worse than whatever curse you’re wanting to deal with if you pirate his books.

Outstanding author and teacher, very effective, very beginner friendly.

You could always look into the Shemhamphorash Angels as well.

Hahahel or Hayiel would be my go to


Not sure if there is some white or black magic, magic is just magic. My mum has told me several times that she was a white witch but her violent men used to die in accidents.


For some reason I chuckled.


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Hi Asorotiath,
Just read your post albeit I see is now almost 3 months old, send me a pm if this stuff is still going on I may be able to help you.


Depending on circumstances I’d say she probably cursed them pretty heavily lol could be coincidental though

hi, yes this is still going on

I have a spell to help Ward off psychic vampires/attacks…I hope this helps you!!

You will need on your altar :

  • 2 white candles
  • Sea salt in warm water in a cauldron or bowl
  • Incense (frankincense or myrrh are good)
  • Your favorite oil.

Place the candles at the back of the altar, one on the right to represent the God, one on the left for the Goddess. Place the salt water in the centre, & the incense at the front.

Anoint each item with the oil and say :

I ward off negativity in my home, work and everyday life.
No evil or negativity shall enter here.

Picture a white light around you & as it increases to full intensity, picture it surrounding your home and work place Now say :
Psychic vampires in the night
Psychic vampires who destroy my life
Destroy no more of what i achieve
Destroy no more of what i receive
Negativity is not welcome
Evil is not welcome
In me, around me or the people I love.

Repeat this 3 times, then allow the incense and candles to burn themselves out.

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i shall try this, thank you

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Anytime!! Let me know how this works for you!!

Yes. Most baneful magic at its core is quite simple and direct stuff. Banishing and uncrossing rites can bounce much of it off and/or undo it completely. Even in a shittier situation with a stronger/more knowledgeable/more sophisticated and insidious baneful worker regular use of these rites can manage the symptoms quite well.