White Luciferianism and the End of New Age

A draft treaty that im working on this days…

White Luciferianism
Reaching the masses with a message of freedom

DIVISIONS are part of the nature of the human race in all levels, societies, and economical sectors. The shame on Righ Hand Path practitioners all around the world, produced the new age movement, which is no more than a club of idiots praying and feeding the archons and vampire egregores of the streamline designed by the parasitive side of the elite.

We are reaching an special moment in human histories, fear of God is down, the punishment aclaimed by religions and cults against a all seeying good looking for the action in the genitals and punish human race for its sins comes to an end. All form of religion produced on earth a destructive force with no solution of continuity.

What i said, is not new so far, and almost obvious for all rebel magicians, magis, occultists, Laveyan Satanists, Thelemites, Chaos Magicians, Necronomicon Practitioners, Theistic Satanists, Santeros, Wiccans and many other forms in the Left Hand Path and Middle Pillar Magick community an culture.

The problem of the Left Hand Path
The problem is the approach to left hand path. Theistics Black Magicans vs Atheist Satanists, everyone accusing each other of madness and non sense. Its not happening in all order or confessions but its happening anyway. Magi Duels across latinamerica, to check who is the more powerful Magician in the continent, makes me think that we are reaching a critical point in history.
Some Black Lords looks for return to the original chaos, some others works on terms of the present life state and happiness, which all are correct and valid, but the Tree has tree pillars. Even the Qlipphot has tree pillars.

The interests of the elite, begins to differ a lot from the interests of Black Magic itself. Even the elite, sometimes called the Illuminatti in a generic form has intestine fights inside their houses, the idea of Transhumanism, differs a lot for the final outcome of Left Hand Path, and some Middle Pillar magus: Become Gods/Goddesses.

The nature itself of Black Magic is not for everyone; the deific masks, the extreme energies of the Qlipphot, and the dark lords of other traditions, push the operator to many levels of rough approachs to power. The human race cannot be delivered from the opression of religion, with the classical approach of the Lodges and simbolic traditions. New Age Movement and its egregores and archons, has destroy the posibility to make human race more affordable to understand the misteries of the Universe.

So the masses, are still in a indenfesion state of mind. In order to make human race rise above the stars as a total Left Hand Path society, the destruction of the New Age movement, is needed at all costs.

The Second Problem: The Language
The majority of humans are not ready for the simbolism and manners of Black Magick, but they are more permeable to terms like “ascencion” “light workers” and many other stuff sell in books and dvds everywhere to mantain the law of attraction business. So how to reach the masses with a message “manifested” in a way that, dont falling in the naive approach of New Age, can give masses a chance to choose Left Hand Path and its three flavours?..

The First Solution: Speaking like them
White Luciferianism is a concept that came to my mind on my inner magical works. Ahead the dark Kether theres more light than in any place near earth. The Dark Supernals has plans not still revealed to human race, but Grand Demons like Andromalous, are doing great works with Middle Pillar Magicians; I call it “Solution of Continuity” or for the more “Dragon Rouge” magicians “The Second Demarcation”. I will explain this concepts in a further article.

If we can speak to them in a way understandable by the system slave, we will get the chance to move them to godlike mindset.

In the next article I will explain my approach of the “Second Demarcation” and some topics revealed to me in my dark magickal works.

The Second Demarcation is the key to spread the voice to the masses, with a truly effective, adapted, and efficient Left Hand Path Message of Freedom.

Hail Ourselves!, cause we are the Gods of the third octave!

I completely agree. But easily 85% of the world is caught up in their monotheistic religions with their false tyrannical god sitting and manipulating their lives. Being that we are in a new age, I would enjoy to push everything about the occult, it’s time this information became common. But is the world really ready for something like this. I know everyone is wanting a way out of their pathetic lives, believing someone will save them from what they caused.

Being that books on lightworkings sell, or things related to angels, light energy.

Something regarding the occult should be called something like, Your Divine Aspect, or something that paints a beautiful picture regarding the practices. The most evil church(The Catholics) utilize this concept. They make their cathedrals so beautiful And welcoming that u avoid or neglect what goes on behind close doors. Just my $.02

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.