Whispers of a mourning necromancer

Tonight I’m starting a journal that is more so about my process of reawakening and transition through death. At the moment I am busy until then please enjoy this accurate description of the qliphoth


Dear listeners,
Today I’ve been reminded that life is indeed like a rose. So beautiful yet so fragile and temporary. Soon her time draws near. For all must past through the gates of death. I know I must let her go, but can I? I must regardless. I owe her that much to let her rest in peace. When this day comes, she will be missed. Hekate guide her soul.
A mourning necromancer


Dear listeners,
I am following a call. A call of the old ones (Cthulhu mythos). It’s one I’ve honestly felt for awhile but have truly paid it any mind, well until recent events. I have been initiated into the current already by father Nyaralethotep. I plan on working with the following:
Yog sothoth
Shub niggurath
The haunter in the dark
Not to be named one
Lord of the woods
Crom cruach
As well as alien races named in the tradition. This current, as I’ve gathered, is one of Awakening, which not only fits the purpose but offers opportunities. I personally look forward to working with and growing closer to the Lovecraft pantheon, as I’ve said in the past they’re like my family as it is my patron system.

I also will be crafting a few rites that I may share on here every great once in awhile. The first one being a cursing rite, as a group of individuals have pushed my hand so to speak and I’m just not in the mood for their shit.
Stay true to yourself,


And with that, I lay my grandmother to rest… You will be missed


I’m sorry for your loss.

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Thank you.

Where or who is Daat?

My heart goes out to you, @Black_Coyote. puts my hand on your shoulder and give it a gentle squeeze


What do you mean?

Hehehe someone has the nerve to insult MY grandmother’s memory. They do not know what they’ve just set into motion…


So many secrets so little time

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hello my little graverobbers,
tonight i evoke bune and Hecate for the purpose of helping my grandma cross over and to speak with her. I had been given the power for a few different purposes but beyond that i was basically the most fitting. now we work together to make sure that the bloodline is taken care of. i finally saw her one last time. perhaps now my cries for justice may now find peace.


i wanna project there