Which would be the best For begineers for evocation

2.King Paimon

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Either of the first two would be my choices.

Lucifer was my first, King Paimon my second


I have a whole post on this on my old account

Same, as KingOfHearts but weren’t you already working with King Paimon before? I’d continue with him

Jumping right into the big leagues huh?
I first started with Agares myself; built a relationship with an entity a little less at the top so I knew what I was getting into. The spirits listed are wonderful but, for a beginner they can be a little overwhelming (not to all but, just a fair warning) and they may give you a hard time to test you out.


I mean beggineers have a lot of problems during evocation like lack of astral senses ,
which one is easy to evocate,
ANd kindly tips for evocation
THanks to all brothers and sisters of LHP

I just told ya, Lucifer and King Paimon are good for beginners…

Please use the search button… You can find more beginner spirits and tips on how to evoke


Belial was my first. Great decision


THanks alot KingofHearts616

But be noted that he will take advantage of you if he knows youre weak minded or afraid



I started with king paimon because I felt drawn to him.
Do a light meditation, read the goetia or whatever grimoire one of the names will pop out to you more than the others.
For some one of the kings for others maybe a duke, one guy said astaroth always interested him even before magic when reading about ancient cultures.


Asmoday was the first one I knowingly reached out to. His name jumped out at me and doing research just cemented it. He’s been amazing and always let’s me know he’s not far away. My communication isn’t great yet, he uses songs, ideas and words that pop into my head, as well as touch and occasionally emotions and dreams. My best advice is to follow your intuition, and pay attention. They will communicate in some way, you just have to be willing to see it.


In order to choose between Lucifer and Satan, it returns that issue about who’s higher in hierarchy; i.e., better to leave him for later. I guess Paimon may be tremendous (or not, as well: sure) but maybe Belial even more, so it could be more safe to contact Paimon before than Belial.

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if you like demonic
if you like gods goddeses pantheon
try to connect your folk gods

if you nordic you can connect thor or odin
if you like greek pantheon you can try zeus hades posseidon

for greek pantheon! he will visit you if they “like” you
their method is direct “execution”

if you are asian you can try
amaterasu or maybe shang di from chinese pantheon

I have been a christian most of my life but due to circumstances a few weeks ago where I felt like I died inside and then slowly came back to life I realised I have been dead for years! I started searching for something and through reading and some research I eventually came upon the name Belial. I was immediately drawn to him as to none of the others but my christian fear still tries to insinuate itself. I have found that meditation and chanting or listening to Belial’s enn help to calm me. I am so new and inexperienced though that I am afraid of pissing him off with my inexperience. Do you have any advice to offer me?

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Call on him and allow him to sooth you. Belial is the one demon with no master and embraces independence. Carry his sigil on you and just let him inside. Free you from false religious imprisonment. He will open your eyes.