Which Witch is Which? Or, HOW DO I DECIDE WHAT DEMON TO USE?

Greetings all,

Firstly, BoA is brilliant! I not only enjoy the material (obviously), but how the book is written/style.

Moving on. Let me cut right to the chase. I need a specific amount of money within 30-days. Not a job, career, or anything of the sort. My desire IS for “X” amount of money (at least…of course more would be nice:)).

The questions I’m asking myself is how should I decide which Demon to evoke from BoA for such a task? THE HOUSE OF ANATEL - Salas’ash seems like he would work, but, not to ask for a specific amount. “Simply release your desire for financial gain to him, and he will deliver all that is needed.” Is it really this simple?

Ant’harratu seems to be extremely powerful, however, I don’t know if I’m prepared to my best in other areas of my life to evoke him just yet.

Eshtalishtu seems that he would jsut be able to materialize exactly what I need!!!

How do I decide? What factors have other practitioners used in order to decide?

Also, when evoking for money or any other goal, is it important that the Fiend is made aware of what the Magus needs it (money or said goal) for? Do Demons need to know the why’s???

I’m interested in hearing how we decide such things.

Be well & thank you in advance.


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I’ve used Salash’ash on multiple occasions and was brought the money I needed within a few days. Now I only needed a few hundred, so the more you need the longer it may take. You could also use the Abramelin square for this. I believe you can find it here:http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/money-spells/abramelin-square-for-manifesting-money/

Thank you reaper! I’ll certainly check that link out. As far as the amount…it’s around 13k man. To me it is and it’s not a lot of money. I’ve had money in the thousands in my life before, and have lost money in tens of thousands as well.

Bottom line, I need a little more than an amount that can sustain all the changes I’ll be going through within the next 30-90days.

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Try to put as few limits on any entity you call. Give them as many options as you fell safe allowing them to have.

Got it. Obviously I don’t want to kill my entire family (at times yes!!!). Their is a loophole in my fabric of reality concerning a lawsuit I’m involved in. Perhaps I can ask the Entity about this as well?

We’ll see however. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Not from the BoA but look into Nine from the Goetia… I have had much success with him.