Which way do you write your requests to demons

I am curios about this as I have seen various ways of doing this now and I always was of the mindset you write/say a request in the present or past tense of having the thing you need but I am also seeing a lot of asking a demon or angel for the request to happen as a wanting etc. So which methods are the most popular really of requesting your desire/need to an entity? Will give some examples below and see which people find they use/prefer the most as it seems rather confusing now on what is best.

Bune, I have received £1000 within a short period of time to help pay my bills.


Bune, I request £1000 be given unto me within a short period of time so that I can pay all my bills for the month.

Seer, my request for ‘name’ to message me they want to chat has come quickly.


Seer, I request ‘name’ contact me quickly to tell me they want to chat with me.

Sallos, fill the heart and mind of ‘name’ with crazy love over me.


Sallos, ‘name’ is filled with passionate love towards me and feels strongly for me.

Vual, I have a strong seductive aura that seduces the women around me.


Vual, I ask that you bring a strong auro of attraction unto me so that I can seduce women around me.

Orias, ‘name’ no longer dislikes me and instead feels that they forgive me.


Orias, I ask that all dislikes felt against me by ‘name’ are changed to forgiveness.

King Paimon, I bind ‘name’ to my will so that they pay me what they owe me.


King Paimon, I ask that ‘name’ feels that they have to repay me what they owe me as this is my will.

Which styles would people usually go with or format their requests like?

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This only matters if you are using a method, like Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick, which recommends a specific way of phrasing.

In regular evocation, it doesn’t matter. I simply tell the spirit what I want, usually phrased like, “As it is within your power, and as it is my will, I ask you to make Anna love me,” etc.


Interesting, when you say outside of DOM book do you also mean the active invocation method 2 and evocation of that book or only petitions?

No, I’m referring to full physical evocation.

Phrasing only matters if it is required for the method you are using. When I evoke, I use EA Koetting’s general method, so request phrasing isn’t much of a concern. When i face the spirit, I ask it if it is within its power to do X. If the spirit answers in the affirmative, then I make the charge, usually along the lines of “As it is within your power, and as it is my will, I command you to go forth and bring me $500” or whatever the task is.


I’ll piggyback off of DK’s answer. I prefer to ask with an evocation. The reason is that I want to be able to convey what I’m thinking, feeling, AND speaking when I ask for something. I’m not the best with words sometimes, so I prefer to use all of those to get my point across to the entity and hash out any negotiating after that, if any is needed.

Another way to do this is to evoke them and then use a candle as your petition. As you speak what you want, send the emotion and intent into the candle, and “fill” it until you feel it has enough energy or you are spent. Ask the entity to help direct and guide your working for it, and give any offering to them if they agree. Or offer to give them an offering when they give you a sign that they have accepted the task.

This way, you still get a working out of it that has your desire and intent (the candle with energy) and, if given a sign, an entity that will help direct your efforts.

I do the majority of my rituals this way for others or in tricky situations where I know what I want, but not necessarily how to phrase or direct it for best effect. If you take your relationships with entities further than just asking for things, then over time, you may find that they not only agree to the working, but they add their own energy to the candle, too. That’s a good spot to be in, in my opinion.


“I want…”

“Please give me…”

“I call you to ask for…”

I evoke for requests. I understand people have (had) success with petitions, but not my style. The way you word things on petitions should only matter if you’re following a specific system.


Interesting, so I assume with your statements being within the I want, or give etc your emotional content or visualizations are of the having it stage though? I usually always phrase mine as having so I may try other methods to. I think requests for a lot of people is probably where new people can struggle so its good to have some examples I guess for them to base theirs off of. So in terms of invocations you would just do it as a statement of you have already usually but full evocation you do as a questioning and asking. For me I have yet to get a full evocation experience sadly and dont have the ability to hear or communicate with the entities. I can some times feel a presence, pressure or things change and get things happen to my candles etc but no imagery or full on communication to do a questioning of the entity and find its if its acceptable or not etc.

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This is how I perform petitions to Goetic spirits.