Which spirit should one evoke if you're a meek/shy person?

I’m thinking an angel would be best. Which angel should one evoke for more courage/ego and eloquent speech?

I don’t want to be afraid to talk to people anymore, I want to have more personality and feel more confident/powerful inside but not in an authoritative manner, one that will attract people lovingly and make them feel spellbound by me.

You might do better with a planetary talisman unless you can reliably contact spirits and hear them.

This one could be Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, even Mars, do some reading on each and use your intuition. :slight_smile:

The best book on this IMO is How to Make and Use Talismans by Israel Regardie (ISBN: 9780850302097) - easy to understand and he gives examples throughout.

Try reading this as well: http://www.skyscript.co.uk/7bodies.html - it dicusses how this system can be understood in, among others, a Christian belief system.

Ok thank u