Which Spirit Is In This Recurring Dream?

If I gave you a description of a man in black suit with pewter shirt and red tie, which Spirit, Demon, or Entity comes to mind? Not trying to derail this thread and will delete if you wish after I have my answer, but I am curious.

@LockhartTemp To be perfectly honest… ME is who comes to mind. Although There is a spirit in the book of Azazel that appears in a suit. I also have heard tale of Belial manifesting as a man in a suit to some people. Why do you ask?

Just a recurring dream. Alway in the house I grew up in, sitting in a chair in my bedroom watching me. One night, after lucid practice, I managed to ask ¨What he wanted¨ to which he said, "I am always here at this time.¨ I have never figured out what he meant by that. I meant after that comment, I woke up and it was 3:42, but I never wake up anymore and only have vague flashes of this in my dreams, so I am unsure if it meant the time time or as in a phase of my life which doesn´t exactly make sense either.

Sorry. no idea. My guess is that either someone is protecting you, or someone wants to contact you.

Or maybe he is just a dude that used to live in that house, and maybe your room was his study or something… anyhow back to the OP

Wish I knew who in either case… @Lady_Eva, could you maybe split this into a thread int he proper location? I would be most grateful if you would :smile:

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Done, no probs. :+1:

Is there a chance he is an aspect of yourself manifesting as the man in your dreams?

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I am unsure about that one; at the time, he first started appearing I was in my teens, and had only just begun my magickal path which fell to the wayside after my son became a toddler. Come to think of it, the dreams faded for a time at that point, But have returned upon my resumption of my practice.

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The house was built by my parents on Land that had long been empty on the family Ranch.

Seems there is a lack of information. Two questions I’d personally queue up to ask him next is his name and why you seem aware of him when you practice.

I have a relatable reoccurring dream about my old house, but I’ve always seen a hermit man in the dream. But as far as the entity black shirt red tie, Buer has appeared to me in this form but he had a lions head but he was wearing the same outfit. Just my experience with it :man_shrugging:t3:

Only once have I successfully lucid dreamed when I have noticed his presence and that was when I asked him what he wanted





And possibly dantalion

Only ones who would show in a suit but I can tell you it wasn’t belial or dantalion

Belial dresses very fancy but I was told no to him and dantalion doesn’t speak in those kind of phrase

Best advice is go to sleep and have that dream see if when you wake up you remember hair color or face features see uf you can get a name as well

And I believe he was saying he is there as in he is always there when you need him

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It could be an entity not in mythology or occult text, creation is too wide and expansive for every being visitation to be an Infernal Demon or entity in common text. It could be one you might only know, it could be a guide, or one who has not yet been written down, a plethora of possibilities based on this information.

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Rungr, hit the nail right on the head. It is almost as if this entity or whatever, is bent on my not finding out who he is. It is like my memories of the times I dream of him are clouded(?). I think that is the right word to describe it.

Very interesting. I am new to all this. Me and my fiance broke up, so we both are going thru a lot of pain, but she’s being very stubborn and let her ego raise high. One night i dreamed that she and me are back together and we were in bathroom and getting ready and she apologies to me to breakup with me and put me thru so much pain and we hugged we were so happy. And next night i dreamed we were in our car, and holding each other hands and she kissed my hand as usual soon we stop on red light and we smiled. I don’t know what does it mean. Anyone?