Which spirit is good for access to birth cerficate bond worth millions?

So I have come across articles on the internet to suggest the birth certificate is linked to a bond and apparently its worth millions. Also apparently there are secret accounts in our names also worth millions.

Which spirit can I summon to get info to find out if this is true and if the spirit suggest there is anything to it then how to access it. Ect.

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I’ve heard about it but I don’t think it’s real, if it is King paimon would know. So ask him

I do believe this is true, but good luck taking on the District of Columbia and trying to cash that bond, hun. Even if you managed to succeed with that much, your existence would be considered null and void by every government, you would be left with no identity and nowhere on Earth to turn to for anything, including your basic needs, as I see it.

How did you come up with that conclusion?

Well, I’m not absolutely certain, but I have researched cases where people tried to do this, and failed miserably. I believe it can be done, but procedure must be followed to the letter, or you will be laughed out of the courtroom and possibly fined for frivolity, at the very least. If you were to cash in your bond, you would no longer be an asset or a citizen, you would be a sovereign. While that sounds very noble, without citizenship or legal identity, your life might become very rough, indeed. I don’t know for sure this is what would happen, but having looked into a few cases, and arguments for and against, myself, this is the general idea I have come away with.

I’ve looked into it before and it seems very scammy. I don’t think a birth certificate is quite what some people say it is; it’s probably just a certificate of birth.

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Snopes seems to indicate that this kind of thing doesn’t exist:

Don’t bother trying, it’s a scam. Ask yourself this. If these guru’s say these accounts exist and have the paperwork to be able to access them, then why do they charge money (hundreds of dollars) to have them delivered.
A4V, Sovereign Citizens, Redemption Theory is all a scam and can land you serious jail time. Don’t believe me, look up “Virgo Triad” on YouTube.
Sorry this is a bit late.

This is partially true. It’s not money that you can access though. It’s tied to the fiat currency systems and central banks having the ability to print money out of thin air. The money that is loaned to Governments by central banks is via bond purchases, using the countries citizens, by way of birth certificates, as security for the repayment of that debt. How? By way of taxation. It’s on the premise that everyone born will eventually serve the system and pay taxes. The ‘millions’ is an assumed amount of worth as an asset on the Government balance sheet.