Which spirit helps you find your true life purpose?

Not as in spiritual growth, but highest purpose in physical realm.
Like your true talent, what you are supposed to be doing.

Thank you!


I plan on using king piamon for the same thing as soon as I receive my hard copy of Lucifer and hidden demons by Theodore Rose.

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You can use Riyiel and Astaroth in The Magick of Angels and Demons book by Henry Archer *To understand your desires and purpose in life


Your higher self imo

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I’d say you decide that right? Like whatever you enjoy doing; (vidoe games, anime, sleeping, cooking etc) Most people tho their true talent is to learn to do nothing but relax reconnect and remember who they really are and unravel their past, or disentangle their life.

No I meant as in a career that I love and fit well for so I can master it. I’ve tried different jobs none of them were for me.