Which spirit, demon, or deity is best for safe employment transition?

Lets say you feel like you’re working at a place where things are just off - ie. no one has the sense to be able to cover their back, plan jobs without significant exposure, and so far everyone’s been flying by the seat of their pants with no major incidents and even plenty of likely narcissists as clients.

Lets say you don’t have a choice to just leave, ie. you’re new in the field and they’re holding you by your work experience (all with them).

Can you think of a particular deity you’d work with to help resolve that situation - whether it’s get you out of there safely, bring vision to the owner’s eyes, possibly both but at a minimum get you out of there as unscathed as the pool of possibilities allow in the case where the owner and coworkers are going to stay fast asleep until they hit an iceberg?

I may or may not be in this situation precisely, I’ve had a disconcerting sense that I may be though and I’m trying to think of what best recourse might be - both with the gods, goddesses, angels, demons, etc. and helping them help me as well (ie. smart physical world activity on my part).

Also I get that they may not have a lot of reason to care unless I’m helping their causes (ie. incidental service to them) in the world so the way I might put it - I think human progress is only a real thing if we take the ‘winner take all - kill the loser’ mentality out of how we do things, and the later is something I want to fight against either if I live long enough to do so or if I ever get enough power to assert my will on any environment. I’d think even for people or entities who’d want to play most counter-societal games those games can’t be played unless there’s a robust enough societal structure to carry them, that is unless it’s a deity who just wants death, destruction, and blood to drink, so I’m thinking that last area is probably the only group of deities that I’d want to avoid.

Any thoughts / suggestions on the above?