Which spirit can help me with these?

That’s why I gave you this mantra, try it.
You need to start all over again, strengthen your energy and physical body, and have an idea that will energize your mind.
Start with your diet. Eat a lot of meat, few carbohydrates, avoid sweets and drink a lot of water.
When I was depressed, I used the Rama healing mantra, 3000 repetitions were enough to restore my will to live.
Go to the gym.
There are also angelic mantras that I use
When you do not have a healthy body and do not eat properly, your body will not generate enough power
There are also energy incantations and so on.
You just don’t know and that’s the problem, you should go to the doctor.

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The daily practice I have tried to motviate me to was sola plexus chakra chant and after that vampirizing a person to depletion directing the energy into the chakra. I get very much energized. I get the lust for life when I vampirize people.
Sometimes I did also invoking the fire element.
Sola plexus chakra chant, after that invoking the fire element 7 breath and after that vampirizing a person sacred chakra. However, everytime I invoke the fire element I get headache and it end up with that I began to make silly excuses to myself. First it was I had to get hungry after the ritual to get headache pills after eating because the pills don,t work without food in the stomach.
I have also tried to use yellow calcit crystals as it connects to the sola plexus chakra. I have no doubt that the sola plexus chakra is one of the source to my problem but I suspect its not the only source…

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You complicate everything so it’s hard to read. I work 10 hours at a construction site and sleep 4 hours a day, I don’t need pills and I have the strength to do the hardest work, just a few years ago I had problems catching my breath.
You don’t need vampirism, you just need YOUR OWN power. Gym, Power Rituals, Incantation, Diet and many others. Otherwise you are like a parasite disconnected from the host, that’s just how it ends.
If you can’t move, ask your doctor to give you some pills, but in a hopeless situation he may help. When I hear the word vampire, I see a physically weak person who has only one patent for energy.
I could go on and on and give you a few patents, but you wouldn’t be motivated.
I remember how in desperation I called on Satan to motivate me
and I received from him something I call:
“vision through the chambers of Hell” which you will find in my diary.
Seeing the upcoming pain, humiliation and difficulties, I can motivate myself. I hope you won’t need it.
If I were you, I would start by healing your body.

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I take headache pills because I get headache everytime I invoke the fire element. I have suspected that my water element is to dominating which causes the fire to be low or weakened. What have confused me is if the fire element and sola plexus chakra are different words for the same as they both have same symptoms of lack motivation, energy and willpower.

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You really complicate everything. You’re starting everything on the wrong side. Spirit and matter are one and the same. By influencing the body, you influence the spirit. Start with a diet consisting of lots of meat and vitamins and little carbohydrates and you will quickly lose your daytime sleepiness. I’m not even talking about the ketogenic diet. I’m talking about something much simpler. If your body is not well nourished properly, your mind does not function and you have no motivation or will to live. I’ve been through this. Start with this one specific thing, then move on to the next one. Once you see that it works, move on. And solve the puzzles like this.

Imagine a pyramid and start from the beginning. You focus on the tip of the pyramid. If you are not nourished properly or your body is sick, you will not generate enough energy and motivation. You imagine, for example, meditating and repeating mantras but not eating anything or not eating properly. What effect will this have? Focus on the basics of existence.

That can be a challenge for many people, I don’t have a clear answer on what spirit may be able to help but if you haven’t worked with the air element that can help for more subtle energies that don’t take as much energy to shift as water or earth.

For general motivation about why to do anything, what I find to be helpful is if I’m able to offer something of value to others that is appreciated. If you have work, sometimes this can be found with that. However tragically in today’s age many employers seem to care more about just accumulating legal tender from their country’s government rather than providing a service, which I don’t understand at all that seems like a completely bizarre and nonsensical way to prioritize things.

One way to start would be if you can grow a few houseplants, maybe one of them is lettuce, you then know that if you do good work taking care of that plant then you can make that into a salad one day. You can have the salad just for you, or you can share that with others if there is enough and then you may find purpose and meaning in that people will appreciate your service.

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So when my corporal body is gets energy or strengthen my astral body will naturally also be strengthen?


Yes, but it won’t be a stunning change, but that doesn’t matter.
If you strengthen your physical body, after work or school you will be able to easily perform several hundred appropriate incantations that you want, in this case to strengthen your astral body, and you will still have time and energy for running and the gym and some other small pleasures.
My motivation is based on the power of pain, so it’s easy for me.
Either way, the physical body is the basis of your entire existence here, it is your most important body.

You get a spirit to give you pain that then turns into anger and motivation to act?

Summon the Great Lord of Pain in your despair and agony and he will terrorize you with the treasures of his kingdom which are pain, fear and hatred and you will love him because he is the embodiment of pain and fear and you will love discipline and you will become a disciple of Satan.

I am Satanalash and i have spoken.