Which spirit can help me with these?

The spirits I work with is primary goetic. Which spirit can best help me to maintain my daily ritual practice routine, to lose weight and maintain my fitness training?
I was thinking about Marbas when it comes to weight but I have already send him to a task to restore my father to full health after he got a blood clot in the brain.

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Belial, Haagenti, and Buer come to mind.

However, while not Goetic, I actually asked Thor to help me with mine.

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Did he call you back about that?

What do you mean?

Which one?


“What language is this? The chant feels like an awakening to our inner power.
Amotent isha kingson O yotious asmodeus ama naan asten Daeva nom taake bins fen sensa”

Just listen and do your thing. Start running, improve your diet, exercise more and regularly. Asmoday is my #1 choice. Lord of Motivation.

Exercising and losing weight.

KING BELIAL, LORD BEELZEBUB, PRESIDENT MARBAS, LADY VERRINE comes to mind for health. Also, LORD UPHIR who is known as the surgeon of hell.

Was asking @Prophet about if they got an answer from Odin’s son.

Yes. He helped me.

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Oh good, congratulations.

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I have troubles in motivating myself to do it.

I was referring for which of my issues.

Is that the same as Bael in goetia?

No, it just something I have been concerned about. That the spirit is slowed down on it,s task if I give it a new.

You didn’t write why you have no motivation: lack of sex, willpower, health, energy, idea for life. There are so many options that’s why I recommended Asmoday.
“We use the energy that is within you” Belial

I’m also posting a message written by @Post_lux_tenebrae and channeled from Belial, he helped me motivate myself and start running.

King Belial- I want to know my greatest weakness.

“The greatest weakness you have is the desire to be esteemed by others. It is literally shit. It is the excrement of a mind contaminated with ambition. Ambition is good, but its by-product is worthless, just as food is good, but shit is useless. Let ambition feed the desire to succeed, and then accomplish concrete success. But don’t wallow in the shit. Clean it and discard it, constantly wipe the smear and stain of it from your mind. Look forward, not backward, climb and tear at the sky, do not neglect the feelings of those around you, but do not be ruled by them. Everyone can be used and discarded in different ways, and not all discards must be traumatic. Sometimes the thing you love must be the first to be rid of, to tear open space in the heart to receive the gifts of the father. This is the power of fasting- making space in the heart to receive divine gifts. Fast from the need of approval and you will receive the infernal gift of discernment. For he who desires approval is not wise, for he is not free to speak the truth to those unwilling to hear, his heart being fettered with chains of neediness.”

“I will say one last thing. Do not fear the lack of knowledge- as I have said, daring will supplement your ignorance. And this is true for all.”

The problem is also that you want to motivate yourself, that’s why I give you a powerful message from Asmoday


Belial obviously doesn’t know anything, manure is essential for composting topsoil.


I don,t know why I have no motivation. I just feel lazy all the time. Lack of energy, lack of willpower. I have some goals but I cannot just get energy to work on them.


If you are able to practice short-term fasting and/or making any changes to your diet, that could be a place to start.

Some foods greatly slow the metabolic rate of digestion which may be a factor.

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