Which of the 3 to start with?

Hello all,

I’m about as new to all of this as it can get. I started reading into occultism and magick a while ago, and Koetting’s work drew me a lot from the start.
I’ve read Become A Living God, and I’ve been browsing the forum for a while… But to be honest I’m not sure about what steps I have to take to begin with.

Would it be most effective to start practicing with omniscience, Omnipotence, or omnipresence?

Any opinions would be appreciated!

Do what you feel drawn too the most. The safe path would be to work on omniscience so you have a sense of what your working with, if you want to immerse yourself and dive head in you don’t have too.

As mentioned above, start where you FEEL you should start. If your leaning to one thing more than another even slightly look into it some more to see if that is were you really want to start off. Usually most people start off working on their astral senses to better communicate with spirits/demons/angels.

It is my personal opinion that you should learn Omniscience first, because a) divination is, in my opinion, the MOST valuable tool in the hands of the magician. He never needs to be caught off guard. and b) it was the order Koetting released them in, and so he saw insight in gaining the ability “to know” first.

I have always been the curious type wanting to explore and I’m most headed towards transformation, so I started with Omnipresence (soul travel). And from my situation, I needed a way to keep ritual work secret. . .
Whichever one fascinates you the most, really.

Actually, that three can not be separated. Any of the three you want to focus on will trigger the other two. So, don’t make it hard for yourself choosing where to start.

I think all in all it’d be best to start with omniscience. Koetting seems to focus on starting with that too, so for the sake of practice :slight_smile:


Where do you feel you should start? Divination… some of us are utterly confused by cards and runes. Like myself, for example, I rely mostly on Napoleons Oraculum aka Book of Fate. For me evocation was key. Once I learned to evoke - the demons taught and continue teaching me the rest.

However, like I said, where you start… hmm, trust your intuition, never disregard it and you’ll be learning the most ancient form of magic. You already have all the answers and if so happens that you don’t - you will be guided to them. :slight_smile:

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Omniscience…will be easier for everything else to unfold if you study the art of divination first.