Which necronomicon to get?

I’m wanting to get into the lovecraftian path, but I’m not sure which version to get.
I’ve found this, though:

Isn’t that all S. Ben Qayin’s forte?

The Book of Smokeless Fire
The Black Book of Azathoth


Yeah, just wanted to check on it. Thx. :slight_smile:

The black book of Azathoth! No questions asked! Period! Your not serious otherwise!

My humble opinion.

You get the point.


Any other authors?

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Why not evoke H.P. Lovecraft and see what he has to say? :wink:


well the book of smokeless fire is a book of djinn…
the black book is good but not everyone can just up and get it. however its not the only good book for sone whos serious.
get the tyson Necronomicon series. however you dont need them

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youre probably asking why not simon Necronomicon?
simon was unfaithful to the Lovecraft tradition, besides the book really has nothing to do with current its really a Mesopotamian/Babylonian grimoire. as for azif im unsure but ive had good reports on Tyson.


Aparently there is a website i do look at goes by zaronos Necronomicon Fragments they look like pieces of work at least about 300 looks like someone went to the ryle stole ancient unheard of Necronomicon works i have never seen before excape with stange Necronomicon hid some where place got burnt down because these Necronomicon fragments works seem to look like they had been damaged by fire check it out they look wicked, each pieces of the Necronomicon fragment look like strange language, can purchase each piece for 14 dollars each sheet, but i don’t know if its real or not then on Deviant art there are Necronomicon hard covers with really freakish design with the strange language, but cant purchase them.

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can you link it?

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How do i go about linking it

copy and paste

I haven’t got a computer Sony don’t put windows 10 in a PlayStation 4 pro.

oh. nvm then lol

I want to ask who is lol?

Write the full link down, come over here, type it in.

Why unsure on Azif? Isn’t that the original?

lol= laugh out loud

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well i havent read or heard about it so im unsure.

Here, the so-called Al Azif.

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