Which magic is guaranteed?

So guys,i am very desperate and confused at the same time.I have tried so many things and nothing seems to work for me.I am new to this forum,thankfully a platform like this exists.

Now i want to make one person obsessed by me and make him fall in love with me.I have tried evoking spirits too,nothing seems to work.I dont know why.I ve seen and read many posts here too…which i have been trying to get assistance with.

What do you people think,or can suggest out of your experience,which kind of magic,works guaranteed for my matter/wish above.

Looking forward to your response.



Nothing is guaranteed


It is something like “which is the best firearm-” or “which is the best sport to me?” question. Until you didn’t start on the basics: none of them will work for you 100% effectively, or absolutely not.
Naturally, nothing is guaranteed, but if you working on yourself, your abilities, your chances will raise.

You have to start on the basics; meditate daily. Can not say enough times how important is it, really.
Practice, spend time on it to became more effective in everything: for example, connecting and cooperateing with Spirits/Deities, or using any kind of spells.

The better you are, the better your results will be.


thanks.I try to do so…i live in india,and here for people meditating is like, sitting calmly and focusing on one’s breath and candles flame.Is it that simple?? Because then i have a feeling i am not meditating right maybe.I am so depressed and tensed in my life,that i just dont get calm.

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Nothing in duality or finite experience can be guaranteed. In the Divine/Infinite and true scheme of things, all realities exist here and now. So, your desired reality in innumerable forms and infinite paths to each of those forms exists right now and here. However, so do an infinite number of other realities. In principle, if you hold the desired state of consciousness in focus with 100% purity, you’ll experience it at once. The degree of purity ( :slight_smile: single-mindedness :slight_smile: ) with which you can hold the desired state or, at least, it’s essence ( :slight_smile: feeling :slight_smile: ) in your consciousness will determine the illusory “probability” of success.

Typically the nature of the individual consciousness tends to generate variability by perceiving itself as separate, finite and with its own desires, i.e. :free will". Therefore, it will necessarily experience variability since everything else will appear to be another entity.

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I would also be conscious of how your form your desires. eg: Now i want to make one person obsessed by me. This can turn very dark for you. Someone devoted to you would be better LOL, Have fun with it though:)


First, stop being desperate and confused. Confusion only amplifies your apparent desperation to the point that your obsession may be the reason you are not able to attract this particular infatuation. It seems more like this person has enchanted you to the point of desperation, which is more dangerous to you than any incantation can remedy. Clear yourself. Focus. Get a grasp of your thoughts and minds. Relax. Step outside your thoughts and find clarity.

Now, after regaining yourself, your composure, your focus can be directed towards a simple letter-sigil working that can be effective. Slap one together for your intention, focus, then go enjoy a nice smoothie.

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What your doing right now is why it isnt working. Whatever magick you do, you have to be certain without a doubt it will work. Being desperate for results will only hurt you.

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Believe you have what you want without a doubt, then stop wanting it because you already have it. :wink:


It could be that you just don’t possess any magical ability, magic doesn’t work for everyone.

Fill out this: https://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php and screenshot the first two charts and then the the fifth one. I can tell if you have any talent.


Everyone has magic but not everyone has a place for it in there lives to have magic need have room for it sounds like you are going about this in a frantic hectic way
As stated earlyer mediation is a good start
Everyday after i wake up first thing i do is ask Hekate guide my feet Lucifer grant me his wisdom and Belilial to grant me his strength
Plus i burn jncense chant there enns and offer candles such in there honor but often i talk to them and normaly i get an answer in one form or another
Basically my advice pick a patron or spirit deity that you identify with start working with that


I like that advice Matt, I may follow that myself he he.


Lol thanks been over a year now working lhp my health is way improved won most battles finaces have really started come together not living on raman and peanut butter anymore
Dealt with all baggage didnt know i was carrying from my childrens mother Lucifer brought me to hard truth which i needed
Been manny hard nights and deep anguish and it was worth everybit of struggled to have the victory in life i am slowly obtaining


If there’s a guaranteed magick that works every single time - I’ll be honest with you - don’t expect anyone to share it or even use it for someone else. That’s occult, and secret knowledge for a very good reason. The more people believe it doesn’t exist, the better!

With that said, I suggest that you learn and cast love spells with a powerful spirit. But most important is to plan your work and approach the problem from different angles. Not only one. Think of what’s resisting your outcome. Is there another girl? He does’t trust you? Lost interest because you’re not showing him enough attention? etc And work on each matter to enhance the chances of him getting back to you.

Think of it like you’re manipulating his will, how you would make him choose what you want him to choose thinking that he’s doing that with free will ?!

When everything else fails and you still want him… you can always turn his life hell with baneful magick.

If you’re experienced enough or can afford it, you can use BOTH at the same time. Not recommended unless you got nothing to lose and don’t even care what happens to him, just want to have him back no matter what. You’re basically giving him a taste of heaven while opening the gates of hell. My personal favorite strategy but it’s not easy to do and you may pay a price… you’ll get him back but not necessarily out of love and he may not be the person you love to be with.

Sorry but magick is like life itself, doesn’t always come in black and white, sometimes you won’t hear what you want to hear and can’t get exactly what you want to get. Sometimes you need to get your hands dirty, and accept a mixed bag instead of a pure perfect outcome.

Now the question you need to ask yourself… can you handle that? Do you accept it, willing to pay whatever price there is to pay, and can live with the consequences? You decide.


omg thanks,i really felt what you said.Tha
nk you Prince!
So i will do love work on him first…if i dont see any results,i ll go for the baneful magick,as you said.

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I can feel that it is some Times hard to feel the spirit world so to say. But having a dark room and a candle of som sort then say a scrying mirror and chose a spirit to work with gazing at that spirits sigil in the light from the candle is a good way for me to get out of my head so to speak. Try clear your mind daly. Maditating is good i have start listning to binural beats. Like Alpha and Delta. :blush::love_you_gesture: And if you want to look at mabe work with Astarte? Astarte’s Love Slave Rite j. S. Garrett work is so interessting! Take a look at that! :slight_smile:


that kind of magick where U can identify why it didn’t work and measure the force of the obstacle. And then will be able to direct enough force to counter it.

Measurement problem, nothing else.

The most powerful magic is to be confident and believe in yourself. It might sound like bullshit, but actually it works.

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