Which is the "safest" demon to summon?

Which is the safest demon to summon? The most understand one. The “teacher”. Because i never summoned a demon and after i read the instruction i wanna know the list of the demon that safe to be summoned.+ the demon that bring me knowledge.


What are you afraid of losing by summoning demons?

What is your architecture of fear, power, loss, etc?

Try Mepstitahl for knowlege, but safe - don’t get into magick if you want safe.

Get a nice job with a good pension plan and stop looking outside what the mundane world gives you. Because if you do magick, it won’t be safe, or easy, for long. :wink:

Oh, and also, please take a moment to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum, many thanks!


Summoning an angel might be a “safer” route for you. From what I’ve read here on this board and just from what I’ve read from others’ experiences in general angels are usually more RHP / white light oriented than demons. Although it’s my personal belief that they are one and the same, they just function in accordance with the perceptions commonly ascribed them.


I believe that as well. There are some angels that are dark as fuck and some demons that seem too friendly at times, so I also believe it’s just associations.

[url=http://www.enochian.org/daemons.php?page=Seere]Spirit Seals & related items - Daemons - Page 0 - Enochian.org Magick & Occult Supplies

That being said, Goetics are mostly Ancient Gods turned into “demons”.

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There is danger in summoning any spirit, be it angel, demon, elemental, etc. I’ve yet to work with angels, but I have read that even angels can kick your ass if you come at them wrong. There’s an inherent danger in almost everything in this world.

That being said, there are a few demons that are supposedly more user friendly. Orobas, Vassago and even Lucifer are known to be patient and excellent teachers.

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Jason Miller wrote in his book that for a beginner in Magick one of the friendliest demon (that sounds funny!) is Bune. But, like anything in life, caution is advised.

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Belial is a nice guy. Though has a tendacy to come in the most bizzare forms so if you get scared from seeing tim burton level strange then he is not for you.


Don’t worry about safety just be respectful and you will be ok


As someone who has spent most of her time in the aethyrs, this is absolutely true. Some of them are very particular in how they want to be called.

The four Archangels of the cardinal directions aren’t a bad start, though.

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Try Buer, he teaches wisdom and philosophy. So he may teach you some things about magic and safety. Otherwise, do a banishing before and after. If you’re a beginner, they won’t manifest themselves beyond natural measures like smoke from incense or from a magic mirror. However, when you get more advanced, then you may start seeing something more physical.

Stay in the ritual circle and remember magical will. If you fail to do so, that doesn’t mean you’ll die or anything but you’ll more than likely see either a guardian trying to protect you with scary stuff or you’d have the most amazing amount of beginner’s luck- which everyone hates who’s been doing this for a while. Even demons. They can’t stand some novice showing up and leaving with the secrets to eternal life and no offering. Hah!

hmm…trying to Quote Eva Devi’s post but failed !! :frowning:
@Eva Devi, I got a nice job with Belial and Bran’s help. without salary how I would get nice room,internet connection and buy books I don’t know :slight_smile:

In the Beginning, I was so much scared,I used to keep the light on in night and It was because of watching too much horror movies and my imagination. But when I felt Belial presence I was not scared at all, I was simply crying, tears came because of gratitude and respect to him, the hole room suddenly became dark, very thick and I was feeling so heavy, I was struggling to pronounce his enn and my request during that time. I don’t use circle or any safety for practice.

You can start with Belial. He is a great motivator and protector :slight_smile:


[quote=“Empty Vessel, post:1, topic:7449”]Which is the safest demon to summon? The most understand one. The “teacher”. Because i never summoned a demon and after i read the instruction i wanna know the list of the demon that safe to be summoned.+ the demon that bring me knowledge.

Ah, ‘safe’… ‘Safety’ is such a relative term. Define what you consider ‘safe’ for yourself to draw reference from. Every person will have a different relationship with each entity.

We all shape out own reality and what I consider ‘safe,’ for example, might not be so for you. Besides ‘safety’ in certain ways leads to stagnation. It provides no challenge and no platform to grow as a magician. This way of life requires to jump into the deep end every so often for some, and every other day for others, depending on preference. But you won’t be able to avoid it. Be daring, take the plunge. :wink:

I’d suggest Haagenti or Lucifer.


I find that question very odd, because there is no “safety” in anything being a human. We’re always at stake whenever we leave our homes to visit the outside world. There’s no difference in evoking a spirit or entity.

Anyone heard of a movie called: “A Fantastic Fear Of Everything”? I’ve never seen that, but I like the title and fear makes life very limiting. I think the emotion of “fear” towards an infamous deity makes the experience unpleasant, because it is a powerful expression to feed upon, and it wont stop until you change the direction of your emotional expressions towards it. If the spirit have an emotional awareness, it might react to your response and change direction accordingly.

In my experience, darker entities is best handled with “submissive passiveness” and a balanced energetic reaction towards it. Keeping it in the middle, is the “safe zone”. At least it was for me.

So, which spirit is “safe” to evoke? The different suggestions of spirits and demons is a good start, and many magicians have a first hand experience of them.

Dear empty vessel,

From one novice to another :

For My understanding, any real magical work is either altering Our direct path of destiny, (karma If you wanna call it that way), or changing physical reality / objects and living creatures (I consider humans as creatures aswell Hereby), so the simple fact, of it actually working, tells you, there isn’t any “safe” or predicted.

When you train and become more wise on it, indeed, there is a base structure you develop. It will be the sum of assumptions and tasks that you alligne to get more specific outcomes.

However, to get there you have to dive into deep waters, and feel and see where it gets you.

From my experience, spirits are very good at showing you your own limitations, and your inner problems. The good teachers, for example Luzifer, Azzazael, they will go on those objects in you in
Different ways. Sometimes allowing you to change towards a growing better. Sometimes, forcing you, with every possible obstacle in your life and environment to get through the exact hell, you need to develop yourself.

Remember, pain is the best teacher in the world.
Nothing compares to necessarity.

There is no better way to learn what you need, then to have no other option. And anyone who lived long enough, no matter of magican or normal folk, will tell you that this is true.

So magic, demons, angels, any spirits, can help you, get through that faster, or easier, as you ask them to, or as they see the necessity in your life.

Why do I make it that clear!?

Because from what I’ve seen, magic involves a huge amount of sheer chaos. A chaos that is needed to form anything new out of what is there already.
From what I’ve felt, there is no bigger power, then humbling with your own current state, so you actually allow, and make possible, for it to work.

I’ve also seen, when a sacrifice from your own, and any request you do fails, because of not really being ready to actually go for it.

Spirits revealed the power of death to me when I needed to break enemies.
Spirits revealed the value of life, for my own personal understanding, when I was torn and wanted to leave this world.
Spirits tell me to value and enjoy life so common, since it just is a point I myself fail, I have many bad points of view onto the world and my own life.

What they really do, is help you where you need it, not just where you ask for it, or want it.

So in order to get a good path for your life, it may be very helpful, to understand that and allow them to do what they do.

But don’t expect Everything to be just fairytale.

They will kick you in The butt, if they feel like that needs to be done. Just as they will kick others in the butt, when you ask them to do that for you.

They have very own way of perception, since They are not as other intellectual beings in this reality.

Understand, that they are intelligent, bodyless forces, and treat them like that.

This is much better then coming from religious perspective (wich we all do one way or the other), don’t think so much in Angel / demon / God. Rather think in spirits, and allow yourself to explore wich ones are good or bad TO YOU.

Guess I’ve said enove to work with and get started in a new direction.

Take any of the spirits that was suggested before my post. Create a communication.
Go on from there.

And trust your instinct. We humans have huge parts of ourselves covered from the normal consciousness, intuition and instinct are very good to learn accept that, and use it to decide things the right way. Just see it as a part of you, knowing things your awake mind doesn’t know or understand.

Wish you a blessed journey!

Best regards,


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Vassago is a pretty cool dude, buer, maybe Raphael. I find some angels to have an agenda or attitude demons don’t give a fuck. Nothing is safe bro cars are dangerous. I would not want to evoke anything in fear that could end in catastrophe

Of all the types of entities in the whole universe - why absolutely a demon?
Why not simply ask yourself ‘Ok, what is it that I need to learn’ and then choose your entity based on that - be it planetary, angel or whatever.

For example: I called upon Mepsitahl, because I needed something that she could teach me. Later I called upon the Archangel Gabriel, because he’s ‘into’ something that I desperately need in my life. And I’m actively considering to call upon a so called ‘demon’ because of something specific that this particular entity has to offer.

I may be new to this, but I think this attitude makes the most sense.

Besides, if your main concern is safety, you might want to reconsider your choice of ‘entity-category’ before jumping into the pool :wink:

Just remember the one thing EA keeps saying demons are the physical manifestation of power. Lets also remember he said that the only way a demon can be too powerful is if you think it is. From my experience with Bune and Vine i never sensed anything bad coming from them so far. There may be some precautions with some malicious ones like in kingdoms of flame but if u read most of the descriptions a lot of them arent as bad as they sound.

Also no one said you had to start with demons. Ifyou feel more comfortable starting with a different type of entity. Start there and as you become more confidant work your way to new ones.

I myself work with Dragons and they are probably all I will ever work with. I can’t really say it is a personal choice. There is more to it than that for me, but I will leave that for another post.

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