Which is the difference between Void and Abyss according to Draconian Path?

Hello Asenath, reading your books: Necronomicon Gnosis and The Draconian Ritual Book, I’ve found many times concepts like Void and Abyss, at some point seems a close concept but sees aren’t the same. Could you give some light in this two concepts or ideas?

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By “abyss” I usually refer to the Qabalistic concept (see my “Qliphothic Meditations” for detailed information about the subject). “The void” itself is a subject for at least an article, if not a book, and you’ll find it explained in my article “Gnosis of the Void” in “Visions of the Nightside” anthology by ToAF. Apart from its many interpretations, I use this term in reference to a moment of stillness, when the mind is empty and free from all thought and emotion, the moment of clarity and perfect emptiness that opens both inner and outer gateways, i.e. a state of mind that allows for any magic to work and leaves space for initiation and transformation.


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Yes yes. Total clarity. No sensations it’s as if you are dislocated to an empty hanging no fall no standing floating without floating… The clarity of true thought is that you know that you are there.
It is yhte peace not experienced in the living world

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Similar to the Gate of No Mind in Zen?

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