Which is the correct Sigil for King Paralda

Hey. I just found that 2 Sigils exist for King Paralda.

One on the internet, and one in Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos.

I’m not sure which one is the right one.

image ![image|166x269]


The other one


They are both made with the Rosey Cross, only usin different spellings of the name.
The first one is made with PARALDA and the second one with PRALDH. These give different numerical values of course.
The first one gives 318 and the second one 320. This is obviously done for a reason.

Maybe you should use both. Do one with the first and another session with the second. Note the differences you experienced in dealing with the Spirit, and write a nice post about it so the rest of us can learn from you.


I would use the one from Summoning Spirits. I wouldn’t trust the one from the internet.


Alright I’ll try that later today.

Yeah ok. I’ve been using the one from the internet.

Why not make one yourself? Or channel one?

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Yeah I have one been using one of the Sigils. However I haven’t been able to make contact with him. But I do kinda feel like he is there.


Quick update.

I used the first Sigil for the evocation. Nothing happened as usual. However it didn’t fade out and in as often as the second one.

Not really sure what to do because It didn’t work again. I’m always in a light trance and I then repeat “come Paralda”

Anyone got any advice on what I should do?

First one is correct, verified :+1:
I don’t know about the other one, haven’t tried it. Fading in and out makes no importance since it is an illusion that is created by your mind. Repetition is essential, be patient, some people are trying it for years and aren’t able to do a proper evocation …