Which is the best spirit to hang out with

I’m not sure if this has been asked already, I only did a half-assed sort of search and thought I might as well ask it anyway because I would be interested in hearing people’s experiences and opinions. I learn better this way.

But, in your experience, have you found any spirits that are just fun to chat to? Like, are good to hang out with if you have nothing on? Can you have a bit of banter or joke around with any and them enjoy having a laugh?

I’m just really curious as I got a really cheeky sort of vibe from a spirit; almost smart-assed. Like they wanted to have a bit of a laugh.


Just to add to this, I’m.not even sure if what I’ve experienced is even an actual spirit, a mimic or just my own thoughts.

There comes a point in your relationship with a spirit when you comfortably just spend some time and vibe with them. For knowing who’s the “best” it’s very subjective imo


Yeah “best” was probably a poor choice of word. I should’ve added “in your opinion” or something to that effect.

Who would you say has been your favourite to hang out with? Who was chill right off the bat and who sorta opened up after a bit? Any good stories to share? From your posts, I’d say that you have a good relationship with Dantalion, but I’m curious still.

Sorry for all the questions. I’m trying to make sense of it all I guess. So many things going on and it’s all shiny and new for me.

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It really depends. Some spirits don’t like to be called unless they are needed and don’t like to just chit chat with people. However there are others that do enioy that interaction. Theres only one that I have worked with so far that we developed that bond where I can just call him if I’m having a shit day and need an ear and can also throw banter his way.
But I would never expect that with another unless they initiate that type of relationship as some might find it disrespectful. Just go with what feels right


@meow has a good relationship with Dantalion, as for me I have not worked with him XD
I suppose meow and my profile photos have similar colors so you got confused between our journals

Right off the bat it was Lucifer, then it took some time for me to warm up to King Paimon.

I always invite Lucifer to listen to music with me when the weather is good, and we chat about stuff.


Snap. Same here. I always ask him to join me when I’m driving while I’m belting out tunes and leave it up to him if he wants to put on certain songs while its on shuffle :joy:

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Whomever you have a good working relationship with. The same way you might, for example, work with 10 people regularly in a workplace, but you might only think about hanging out with one or two of them outside of work.

Asmodeus is probably the closest answer I have to that question, for me, but this is all very subjective. He may not be the closest entity to me, relationship-wise, but he does like to make his presence known, and for me personally has a lax attitude towards hanging around after I call on him. If you have a close relationship with an entity and they like hanging around afterwards to either banter with you or be amused by your activities, it’ll become clear.


I chill with the spirits I’m closest to.
Sitri, Dantalion, Furcalor, Buer, Loki, Lucifer.

That doesn’t mean I don’t learn from them even when we’re just being friendly.


I’d say it’s different for everyone. Depending on factors of who you vibe best with or form a stronger connection to. For me personally Lilith is my closest so i frequently just spend time talking and connecting with her. Agrat and Gremory are also pleasant to just spend time with for me. Agrat in particular seems to enjoy just hanging out together with me anyway, usually I’ll do some work with her then she hangs around for awhile afterwards while we just talk or whatever.


Oh my, I totally messed that one up didn’t I? :sweat_smile:

My recommendation goes out to King Paimon.

Im still working on developing a two way communication with him but when I do call on him his energy seems pretty chill.

Try giving him a chance and see how things go?