Which is the best Goetia spirit for travel and immigration?

If someone want to go abroad or get a job out of his country. Which Goetia spirit could do that? I was wondering about Bathin, but some people said that he does just astral travels but can’t make anyone travel in reality, but I didn’t test it yet. I already attempted with Bune and Valac to get jobs abroads through internet, but I didn’t get any results. Which spirit could make it happen?


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Go and try Bathin. Don’t give in just to other peoples thoughts on what he can and what not. I suppose each spirit knows best what it is capable of and “travelling” is red underlined in that ones description. Ask him.

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I am thinking like this because my last experiences with Sitri, which already have a explicit description like this, but just Sallos and Zepar did what I was intending. I thought that someone already tested it before so I could be more confident about it when I would try. Do you think that he can get job offers also or travel only?

Any under the planetary rule of mercury are good.