Which hand to bless and which hand to curse

after making demonic seal that Lux Fero post about it here :
here :https://forum.becomealivinggod.com/t/liber-scientia/69615/6?u=a.m.a

which hand should I use when I want to bless someone or manifest specific desire as attract friendship of someone when I speak to seal and make a request to him .thanks

Generally it’s the right hand to bless and left hand to curse but it also depends on one’s perspective

Traditionally yes to what Twilight_Dragon said and I agree it depends on perspective.

The reason for tradition is mostly is lost to the sands of time but the parts that are not are to do with the attitude left is strange different wrong evil sinister because the majority are right handed. Then all the handedness stuff got thrown into religious interpretations then traditions. I got lost trying to figure how it moved from left = wrong bad strange to people believing left handed gestures were curses and that you had to use the left hand to curse.

I think you’d use whatever hand you use for doing magick normally would work best because doing something unusual like switching hands would make you self conscious enough that the force of the “curse” would be diluted from lack of proper concentration (because of paying close attention to your hands and putting less attention to the curse).


even in demonic seals ?

Well I was born left handed but the Christian church slapped the sh** out of it untill I abnormally learned to write right handed.
Therefore I curse with my left hand because it’s like a self validation or “f*** you” to whoever because I can still use my left hand lol.

Add: but yes depends on perspective


I don’t know anything about demon seals tbh so I’ll leave that to the experts


I use whichever hand I choose to and it seems to work just fine. I’m also left-handed, but do many things with both, skilled and unskilled. So, that may affect my thinking.

Bit there’s no reason to use a specific one if you feel you should use the other. I wouldn’t be aurprised if it simply stems from archaic thoughts people writing with their right and wiping with the left.


I wonder if any of the thoughts on this passed down to us came from middle eastern and other cultures that believe that the left hand is "the dirty " hand. The people from these cultures I’ve met won’t even point at someone with thier left hand because to do so is a disrespect.

Very curious…


IMHO you can use both and even at the same time, why not?
I think there is a misconception between good and evil, right and wrong that starts by splitting the magic between lhp and rhp.
When I do Reiki on my mother, I use both hands at the same time.
What matters is your will and intention during the act, but each practitioner must follow what he believes.