Which great powers can you get from soul travel and how?

I personally know that you can attain supernatural powers by doing and mastering Soul travel, especially if you do it correctly. i have experienced great superpowers like making a loaded gun powerless to harm me, making my body stronger and tougher than very sharp knives so that they wont hurt me, divine healing, teleportation, invocation of Odin the one-eyed God, disappearing, flying, control of the five elements, mind-controlling people, mass mind control, hypnosis, controlling rain both holding it from falling and causing it to fall, time travel, masterful divination and prophecy, strong seidr magick and galdr magick, alongside many more great siddhis and superpowers.

see, blackmagick is real. soultravel is very real and very powerful, even for money and wealth magick.
what great experiences of magickal power have you encountered with soulprojection???
lets communicate and enjoy.


OMG, you can get a whole range of powers and abilities but most important (at least for me) is to learn what has happened in the past and therefore being able to locate artifacts that you can assimilate in your energy. Example; I had a dream once that (it was an astral projection also) I was at the home of a person I have met online. This person was gifted and I was curious about her. I was looking at a section of her home (in the astral realm) a cabinet with some curious gloves with gemstones on them. I took 2 of them and put them on. I woke up, then I told this person what I did last night and she said ‘‘keep those objects, they will empower you’’. Since then, I look in a very different way, what we actually do in our dreams and the astral realms etc.


I unlocked Pyrokinesis from Soul travel

I’ve been developing ever since

I can breathe from my third eye and crown like breathing from my nose as well

I can remove the pain animals feel when getting butchered from my food

I don’t soul travel too often but I know these abilities to be real

If done enough and when you embody enough soul energy it will activate the junk dna

Things like shapeshifting, telekinesis, time travel can occur but the more powerful the abilities the more time and dedication it will take, most people won’t even activate some f these powers in this life time while others will

I’m actually gonna be teaching merkaba mechanics soon publicly so if you’re interested you can stay in touch


wow. we are connected truly.

tell me more about how you got your pyrokinesis ability. i do know that trataka(trakata) gazing can actually give you that fire control ability, even eye led telekinesis. i am interested in your knowledge, very humble to learn at all times, Thank you my friend.

i speak the truth in satanic honesty to you my friend, you can be doing alot, alot more with your soul travel ability. i find that you have unbridled access to other people’s mind, personal space and even choices and their reality in fact. using soul travel. soul travel is not very much talked about in world spirituality today and that is why it is a priviledge for me to be a master and guru at it, and you too if you are. my advice to any beginner, intermediate or advanced sorcerer is to keep mastering soul travel, make your shamanic journeys focused, laser-like focused, more purposeful, more adventurous and daring, more demanding, more loving and trustworthy, thankyou.

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what is merkaba mechanics?

Thank you for reaching that way. Yes It is not talked about much and this is for me the best way to learn things and to really know what is going on in the world. I also have practiced myself to remember all I have done during my sleep so I can take notes in the morning. Some other things very few do; talking to our own mind, and the ego that once in a while needs reassuring, otherwise the ego walks all over us and take control. Soul travel I have done in places that are so far out that most people wouldn’t even know what the heck I am talking about lol.

we are Satan’s letters of recommendation for Soul Travel. We are the word of Lucifer.

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Belial told me in a trance: be free at all costs, rebel by all means against falsehood. Resist. Be the adversary against your adversaries.

one of the best ways by far to be free is by learning to exteriorize and soul project, fulfilling Belial’s prophetic word…

Lucifer showed me his true face about 20 years ago. Was an experience I shall never forget.

How do you know that? Genuinely interested on how you get your confirmation that they don’t feel pain.

They do feel pain, I said when I cook my meat I can remove the pain energetically but when I don’t do it I can’t get out of bed the next day

Well, I was shown by the spirits that Pyrokinesis was a skill I had in past lives along things like shapeshifting, telekinesis and more

I’ve shapeshifted a few times and it’s was weird

But Pyrokinesis was interesting because It came effortless to me and largely because fire element is much easier to connect to due to its heat so it’s easier to manipulate its holographic structure

The first time i soul traveled I time traveled in my merkaba and become my higher self but I also summoned 60 different spirits that time so that energy left a lot of imprints in me where I could suddenly do new things and the first thing was Pyrokinesis and dimensional manipulation

I can soul travel too but i need to practice more

All the abilities you’re talking about can be accessed through mastering your Merkaba, Merkaba is the throne of god and chariot of ascension

I will be teaching it publicly soon


id also be very interested in said merkaba mechanics


So you can use all these abilities in the real world?

Or do you mean in dreams?

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both in the real world and in dreams. I have been a Norse Shaman for many years now my friend alexis15

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you really need to master soul travel as you have rightly said my friend, you might rather powerfully achieve mahasamahdi: willlful magickal pain-free self-controlled death when its time to leave this physical mortal body or still with the same soul travel mastery you might enjoy the enochian bliss and ‘Be NOT FOUND’…

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It’s actually really easily to simulate death

But I’ve already experienced my life beyond death in this life, it’s much more cosmic but you can live like that down here too

People make these things to be super wow but it’s not anything special in my opinion they aren’t that hard to achieve tbh