Which goetia spirit can I work with

Hail Satan! I have a sister that is a crack head dick sucking prostitute and she acts like a total bitch with me all the time and I am tired of her shit. Therefore I want to know which Goetia Spirit that I can work with to force her to go out on the hoe stroll and start selling her body none stop day and night. If I am going about this in the wrong way please direct me aright.Give me feedback.

You actually want that for your sister?


Moral posturing is against forum rules. If you ask us about what’s right or wrong again, something will happen.

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Eh no moral posturing from me, just genuinely curious. Anyway made this a new topic since setting sisters into the hoe stroll was not the topic of that OP.


You could ask a spirit to change her mind which in turn change her attitude towards you.
The spirit I suggest is Orias.

Try this before you go out nuclear on her​:grinning::grinning:

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My suggestion would be to re-read your profile thoroughly. Your question doesn’t even resonate with what you write about yourself. Big red flag for me!


Oh! I just read his…
I get you!


I’m confused. If she is already a:

then why would you need a Goetic to help her:

Sounds like she already has that figured out on her own. Do you want her to turn tricks, just minus the crack?

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I know, my lady. Just jerking his chain about asking advice on rights and wrongs.

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Sisters can be bitches I understand it well, they were raised in the same house or come from the same blood but can really get under your skin. I do not advise cursing someone in your family.

Since it´s already been asked…

I think you are pretty pissed with your sister, doing this seems overboard if you ask me. I mean if no one is going to stop you, but if it actually came true how would you feel about what you´ve caused in accordance with your will?

I think rather crappy, I´ve hated my sister and all she stands for but I´ve never used my powers to ruin her because at the end of the day its her life, she can ruin it if she wants but I am NOT going to help her ruin it or force her to ruin it.

Again, NO ONE can tell you what is morally right or wrong, the decision is going to come down to you.

Right out a pros and cons list for yourself, and ask yourself difficult questions!

If I was you (which Iḿ not) I´d probably do a spell to have a better relationship and better communication with my sister rather than cursing her (But that´s just me :sweat_smile:) I´d also be sure to have respect and express my concerns to her about her life. You can´t play her life for her, you can greatly influence it or control it to a degree but at the end of the day, people are going to do them.

Again, NOT telling you what you ought to do or what is right, just hearing your concerns and giving you feedback I´d tell myself if I requested this!

Just to reiterate there is no wrong way to go about life! You subscribe or formulate your own moral compass and go based on that.

To answer your question probably king Paimon, he is quite the power house and lets you influence peoples thoughts, which lead them to making decisions against their normal will. People call on him so that they get people thinking in line with their goals

Ex: I want to be percieved as hot by woman, im going to call on king Paimon he´ll help me manifest as more attractive in the thoughts of people.


I very much appreciate the feedback on the issue of my sister. She is still doing her and that will not change. This forum is excellent! It is totally awsome to be able to get the opinion of several people on this issue. It really helped me.

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Separate your self from your sister. Her life is already turning to shit. Why should you put more shit upon her. Yes, she may not change, she may be a crack head d… sucking bitch. But why screw her up any worse. She we do that soon enough. Let her be, it could be you in her place.

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You have a great point. With me being a Living God I have more serious stuff to worry about than a mere lost fool that is at the point of no return. Things has been very good for me lately I recently met a interesting woman that I might be able to build with.