Which entity can help me become the best version of myself?

As the title says I want to be a better person, I know I’m the only one that can help myself with this situation but I just can’t, I want to be better at things; I want be better at studying, I want to be in a better shape but whenever I try to, I’m never able to continue, I always quit after some point.
Can some entity give me that kind of mindset or straight up just kick my ass and force me to become better.
Magick has changed a lot of things for me, but this time I want to change myself.
Thanks in advance!


Michael is your guy or any spirit related to Mars !

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This is a process and will require several entities to help guide this.

Personally, I started with one and asked them to be guided to others. This continued, but only because I put the work in.

If they are legitimate spirits, then following their guidance and putting in the work is a good path.


Thank you, I’ll definitely reach out to him!

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I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear but have you considered the entity most able to help you be your best self is actually YOU!

If you don’t want to hear that though I give you Azazel King of the Watchers. He is harsh teacher but brings out the best in people.

I laud your desire to be your best, strongest self good luck.


He has got a point. :point_up:

No one can help you if you don’t wish to helped. You have to put in work.

Other than that, a suitable patron/matron can help. They may throw you into fire first however. Sometimes you gotta destroy to create something better. As for how to find them, I say intuition.


Yes, I’ve heard a lot about Azazel and that he’ll absolutely kick my ass for my own betterment.
Any suggestions on how I should approach him?

I think Lucifer and Horus are perfect for this, but honestly if you want a real fire under your ass Lilith will beat you into shape, and i mean that, she will make your life a living hell if you really want to become the best version of yourself.

If i were you though I’d just work with your higher self because that is your perfected self that is beyond time, so it can guide you to become it

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Start applying the Law of Assumption. Assume yourself to already have the qualities you want, and feel it. Affirm to yourself daily, and feel the truth of them. “Wow, I can’t believe my level of concentration when studying! My brain is so focused, it’s amazing.” Or “I am in such good shape right now! My body feels exceptionally powerful. Every time I exercise I feel so awesome, I am a truly magnificent being!”


One thing that I learned with practice, is that if you’re hardwired to procrastinate or any other bad habit. It will require more magickal work and more regular work with the entities you choose. If you get to summon and communicate with Michael this could be the first message he will deliver to you, as he did for me. Best of luck to you

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Sorry that I’m a bit late to this, but another option could be working with the tarot. My tarot instructor told me years ago that the major arcana of the tarot represents the evolution of an individual. Even if I know what I need to do, sometimes I really want some entity to help guide me. If you are like me in this desire, you could use the tarot as your guide.


For me personally, it’s King Paimon

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my vote goes to Lucifer.
apart from occult testosterone😁