Which entities can kill or destroy phantoms/ghosts?

I’m going through a haunting. How can I destroy the phantoms or ghosts? Banishing, exorcising, etc isn’t working.

I’m working with the loa to end the haunting but the ghosts are really affecting me in the meantime.

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I feel like Thor or Abaddon might be able to work really well in that area of speciality, Abandon being The Destroyer. Tyr possibly, too. I don’t know if they can outright kill an entity or pure energy like a ghost, but possibly supercede and push them away to a point they will have to leave the area and you alone. You should possibly attempt to understand the entity as well to see why exactly what it wants or why it is doing the things it is doing.

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Ok, I know what’s up with the ghosts. But will Murmur be able to deal with them?

King Paimon, might well be able to help with your problem.

Any most ghosts are residual energy caught in a loop of their former selves, however any entity is capable of banishing you could also try Luna.


If it’s ghosts, you will need to speak with Hecate.


Samael can utterly incinerate any hostile spirit that refuses to leave your dwelling place. . .
Also Michael can force them out.

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Yup, Luna’s great. :slight_smile:

Thanks, all.

Is the ghost being malevolent? Why does everyone here go to extremes like killing and destroying? Isn’t banishing enough?

Unless a spirit is actively trying to harm you I don’t see why you would want to “destroy” them…anyways just my opinion. Even then all you’d need to do was banish with cleansing/etc. Killing and destroying is an extreme that I don’t see would need to be required unless in some rare case…


Get a psychopomp to escort them away, they’ll be going to something better and you’ll have less or no resistance.


I’ve heard theories and had experiences myself with spiritual cleansing, that it might simply weaken the spirit rather than drive it away, and that it may return when recovered or even remain in a weakened state.

in this case you need to work with Astaroth, Hecate, Bune, Qayin, Kerberos, Bifrons. Ask your divination method to see which one is best for your case


Astaroth, Bune, Kerberos, definitely Hecate too.


Thanks all. :slight_smile:

I believe the problem has been sorted out. In the end I didn’t destroy them, they were moved on.