Which devil has more power? Please answer

Which devil has more power? How they summon him. Please please please answer.

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B: Please take some time to read the forum. You should eventually realize that the question “who is most powerful” is pretty useless and almost impossible to really answer. Also there are plenty of threads discussing how to summon( usually called evoking) various entities
C: Please stop posting these kind of threads


Thanks .
Im sorry

No such thing since power isn’t gauged that way. Each demon has their own focuses that MAY or MAY NOT match what you find online or atleast be a small aspect of it. Just like humans have their strengths and weaknesses in subjects. So do they.

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Indeed it seems that even Satan and Lucifer, the main candidates for the Devil’s role, actually have specific powers (Morino Ravenberg, for example, elucidated about them) while entities who may do a bit of everything, perhaps, do so in a less powerful way than other spirits.

The most powerful demons are the ones that are already inside of you.