Which demon would do best for this?

Hey all,

I am wanting to construct a ritual to drive someone insane with guilt for things that they have done, but then after they confess, I want them regain their sanity slowly. Is there a demon that could help with this?

Because I am the type of magician who doesn’t want to murder someone, even if they are serial killers. I just want to torture them until they confess to what they did, then they could go on with their lives. Of course, if they re-offended then I would do a ritual for full insanity, make sure that everytime the try to end it, they fail.

By the way, I am not talking petty criminals, I am talking about corrupt politicians, and serial killers that are still on the loose.

All advice is appreciated!

Plus Ultra,

Sraagbel, the Spirit of Hallucination, from Kingdoms of Flame. He has the power to “show men the awful truth of things”

Disodioria, the Mad Demoness, also from Kingdoms of Flame. She “whispers madness into the ears of men, confusing their thoughts and driving them into insanity.”

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Furcas “to make a person feel guilty for their wickedness”, or Pyrichiel from Hargrove’s Demons of Wrath to make someone feel intense regret.

Given your objective you could potentially also use Sabnock to make them feel their minds are overrun with the thoughts and feelings of others, making them experience the pain and anguish of their victims to drive them to insanity.

Have fun!

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But can one regain their sanity if they are driven mad? Just so if the perps actually confess to their crimes and do the time, so then they can regain their sanity?

Also, I am going to choose Abbadon to destoy the targets shields and magickal protection if they have any, but in case if they have spirits on their side, how can I stop a counter-attack? Like what if they were close to a specific demon or archangel, what would I have to do to protect myself and family from an angry demon/archangel?

Give it a try and set it as a condition in your petition/request.

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Ose is known to make people go insane temporarily

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