Which demon or demons should I work with for this traits and results

Hey guys,

I need your expertise on this. I need to know which demon or demons or entities would give me the traits and attributes of being persuasive and influential with people, like really have people do as I say, like a really good salesman. And also make really magnetic in every single way, relationships and business that business just flocks to me.

The thing is that I had a lifestyle where I was really popular in my country and was a party promoter and everything, but I had to move out of my country and I have to start from scratch in every way and I need ideal clients cause I am starting my business and friends that are worthwhile hanging around, this means successful, this is why I rather stay alone than just befriend anybody, you are the average of the people you hang around with, so yeah, that is that I need to make some big shifts in my life to happen now.

So can someone tell me which demons to evoke to achieve this type of results?

Thanks in advance!

I am working with Dantalion from the Goetia right now and loving the results. He is great at teaching one how to influence or out right change people.

Thank you Orismen for the suggestion on influence and persuasion, I read your post about it I am really excited to work with him.

Now can someone recommend me an entity for magnetism and attraction of business (money) and relationships as well as escalating status?

Thank you!