Which Demon Kings have you worked with?

Greetings I just joined this website looks very cool, to be straight foward I am wondering which demon Kings have you worked with?

I want to know have you invoked, or evoked, or both, and what the difference between your experiences were.

I personally have Invoked King Paimon as well as King Beleth.

I just want to know what your experience was and if anyone ask I’ll share mine!

Thanks ,



Welcome. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

I don’t know how should I call the way how I contacted with Them, because every time before we contacted, They called me, so I just had to find a peaceful time to accept Their calling. I have a thought about it, anyway.

It started with Abaddon, then continued with Belial and Lucifer, and after I made the dedication ritual (Lucifer leaded me towards it via dreams), I’ve met another Deities, while in the most of times He became that Spirit who stayed with me mainly (so not in the background like Others).

Now this is changed. Lucifer stays in the background, because momentarily (with Lucifer’s permission) I spend my time and work with Sitri for some weeks now. He is a wonderful change in my life and gives me a big support in my development, I’ve changed in that way that I’ve never thought I’ll hit, and as fast like this. I don’t really want to change now, I feel myself very well with Him, and His lessons are extremely helpful (and as fantastic as His presence).

Personally I’m mainly just asking about stuffs here, do not prefer to share everything about our relationship or development for reasons. Of course I like to let my history flown thru the site, haha.

I personally have Invoked King Paimon as well as King Beleth.

Don’t know why but I felt something ‘strange’ every time when I’ve heard or read His name. I would appreciate if you would share with us (or me) your story, so please, if you want, feel free to do it.



If you use the search function (the magnifying glass at the top), you’ll find that a lot of people have worked with multiple demon kings.

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Okay I did that

In my experience with king Paimon he came to me by meditating on his sigil and chanting his enn almost instantly. I felt something inside me become aware and then I heard a voice inside of my head that was not my own. Since then King Paimon has helped with a majority of things but I try not to ask too much because I’ve heard he values someone who puts in the work for himself so I try to accomplish task on my own then ask for help on new goals once my previous ones have already been accomplished.

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Thanks I kinda got it a little figured out now