Which Demon for Obsession Love?

Hello guys,
I want to summon a spirit to make someone fall in love with me, get obsessed about me.The point is,that this person does not even talk to me regularly, its like an on-off chat we have sometimes.He is quite stubborn,arrogant and i would say,hard to control type of a man.
I heard about sitri but i dont want that person to get lusty for me,aka only sexually attached.
So,which demon works the best for controlling a person like him? I want him to make the first step,to meet me.See me often,get into a serious relationship heading towards a serious committed relationship for the future.
And yes,i am very well aware of the power of the obsession magickā€¦but i am very sure about this man,he is just so perfect and everyone says,it seems like we were made for eachotherā€¦its just that we are not together and i want to change that.Thankful for every reply.

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Beleth and gremori can do things like that. The Jinn are known to be able to do that as well. Also Baal kadmons vashikiran book has a mantra on infatuation and obsession.


what was ur outcome?

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