Which Demon could I call for this situation?

Hi brothers and sisters.
I encounter right now a very “classical” problem of every day life business : my life advancement is locked as I’m waiting for a guy to send me some answers (prices , details) and deliver some items that I paid him to produce. I’ve tried to use personal powers , like “attempting that events will happenned to make them happenned” to received some news from him and his work advancement, but without results for now, since weeks.
So I think I will take the next step, and evoke a spirit to solve the situatio. I dont want to harm the guy, even to scare him, he is cool and I appreciate the quality of his work. I just need a spirit that could make him do the job as a priority and make him give me the informations that I need. Have you got any idea of the ideal spirit for that ?

I would say Dantalion if you don’t want him roughed up.

He’s been popping up in conversations a lot lately, which means someone probably already evoked him, or is planning to.