Which demon can cause death?

invocation is broad term for calling up entities . death curse is specific spell.

Dude. If you really need to do it look up. Norath. On this forum.
Self explanatory.

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So you guys can tout death spells and such, while our military doesn’t even have that capability. How can you claim to be more advanced than them?

different field kid. different tools. I’m sure the military have special program of mass hypnosis and psychic attack etc… Secret Ops stuff.

They are about efficiency so if they want to kill , they kill with other means that is more direct but secretive… Magick way takes too much time for the military and it’s not 100% predictable.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: careful…


The people that the military wants to kill have protection, whether it is conscious protection or not, they are psychically protected.

Just as it is difficult or dangerous to kill these people with guns and missiles, it is difficult or dangerous to kill these people with magick or demons.

Sometimes the death of a leader is worse than the life of a leader.

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I saw Noraths sigil on the forum yesterday and just thinking about it after I had gone to bed, it came immediately. It reminded me of Zahgurim because it penetrated my skull with thick black energy and felt like it gripped my skull with a huge bony hand and even pierced my skull with one finger and held on too hard. I could push it off a bit with my mind, be gave it space as I thought that was how it worked.
When I visualized my tormentors faces plunging into the sigil I got a feeling of relief. Also tried communicating my intended results and where they lived by visualizing to Norath.

Have also tried Zahgurim, Zahrim, Suhgurim and the “all Infernal hosts talisman” from Baneful magick without result so far. Well Zahgurim reduced the force of my tormentors attacks by 80%, but no further development from there.