Which Daemon/Angel called me?

Write each of the. 72 demons names on slivers of paper light a candle and go down the line with a pendallum
Do the same for angels and those not in the 72

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I dont trust pendulums since we hold them.

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why is that?

Pendulums are trustworthy as any divination tool, it’s just a matter of the individual who is doing the divination.

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Right at least I don’t trust my hand u know?

Btw do u work with Djin?

Understandable it took some practice for me to detach myself from it, and it’s said if you get the pendulums with the ball on the end it makes it a bit easier and sometimes I “hang” out with Djinn.

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Alright, so how do u hang out exactly? Also is there any Djin called Zaffar or Zepar?

Etheric projection to their realm Jinnestan.

As for the names Zepar that’s a Goetia not a Djinn, albeit some people like to believe that some of the goetia are Jinn I find that assessment wrong, the other name I have not met a Jinn by that name, most the Djinn I have come across were female and usually worked under the Deity that resided with them there.

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Uh u know I’m new and realm must be their land and is it called Jinnestan?

As I grew up in Muslim society ppl always mentioned Jinns have goat feet and their Longview called Zaffar.

Do u have any topic explaining more about Jinns?

No, I don’t really make topics explaining my experiences, I just answer when asked to some degree. As for the goat feet and such no, Djinn are polymorphic beings meaning outside of their “true” forms they can take on whatever form and limbs they desire.

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That’s amazing and can they look like human in a natural way?

Yes, the ones I’ve met often looked like humans, with minor differences such as pointed ears, eyes and hair color that normally humans could not have, interesting tattoos/markings, and so forth.

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Can I ask where u live and how did u first meet them?

Where I live? and I met them through etheric projection,

I really wanna talk to u more can we talk in private message?

I have a few personal question.

Sure, why not.

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Oh man that’s great, would u please send me a DM?

When performing a ritual ask for a specific sign from the deity and which deity is responding.

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