Where you already attacked that hard in one dream?

I just remembered that when I was around the age of 10 maybe younger I’m not sure anymore, I had a period where I had quite hard nights.
Lemme explain.

In a short time lapse I had 3 occurence of violent attacks while dreaming :

  • In the first one I got attacked by a tiger and end up killed, when I woke up I was paralyzed

  • In the second this time it’s a bit weirder, I got killed by a vampire, a lady one.
    Once again I woke up but this time I could feel the actual pain where she bite me even after waking up, it felt like I had two big syringe stuck in my neck, it was a really painful and burning sensation. I was also paralized as I woke up.

  • The next one was straight up violence, a bear decided to attack me and I could feel his weight over my body, his bites, his claws ripping my back, he was destroying me biting piece off of me and I could feel it, I was in agony in this dream, I think I begged for my death so much it hurt and may have cried. After what seemed like an hour of being reapped appart in pain I was dead (in my dream) and woke up paralyzed, but once again I could feel all that had happened especially the sensation that my back was reapped apart.
    It hurt a lot, and after this one when I looked in the mirror I could see 3 long scars in my back in a color sligthly brighter where I felt the claws from the bear.

After 10 years the scars only recently started to disapear, but when I put my hand on my back I could feel the relief of the scar wich was a painful reminder of that night.

Did you had similar nights ? Because that’s heck violent IMHO, I wasn’t even in fear it was too horribly painfull, it really was torture.
Also what do you think happened here, why at this young was I attacked that bad, I never knew why I had those three “attacks” in a laps of 2 week.

Every theory is welcome :pray:t2:
I think understanding that part of my life is important but I can’t tell why…


Probably was to help you learn to control your dreams. Is a very important step and so start with astral travelling and similar shamanic experiences. Best to do in that dream situation is to eat your attackers


I lived in a haunted house as a kid. Had similar dreams, and also a bunch where I was running away from the creatures that would kill me and I would always struggle to open doors, or unable to pull the trigger of a gun like I was paralyzed by fear. I have no idea what haunted that house.

I was the only person in that house to experience these things as far as I know. I also had my first paranormal experience I could remember in that house, to where I thought I had psychic ability because I got a random thought in my head, I thought I was telling a lie, I told my cousins and then the thing I thought I was lying about happened.

This is the house. A few years ago in that city (Lawrence, MA) like 40 houses blew up from gas lines getting over-pressured in the city. This is a be if the houses it happened to but, suffered practically no damage compared to all the other houses.

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At 10 yo?
Seems a bit young but yeah since then I’ve had better reacyio’ at phenomena like that, later I had a dream where a big dog attacked me, I defended myself with my arm which he bite, I used that fact that he was trying to reap it off to break his neck :joy:

Wasn’t a long time after those other occurence I mentioned

And @anon8398376 that’s like a legit house that any poltergeist activity would chose to establish to :ghost::sweat_smile:

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