Where to start?

I have renounced the Judeo/Christian God, Jesus Christ, and his “holy spirit”. The next day I asked Satan to speak to me who I am to contact first. I kept hearing the name “Belial” in my head, but it was a very faint sound. I asked for a more clear answer, and then heard Belial’s name again, more aggressively, but the same volume. I don’t want to disrespect any demon, especially one I was told to contact by Satan himself, but I don’t really know where to begin (as I am completely inexperienced). I also have no way of obtaining ritual items, as I live in a Christian home. I had no idea who Belial was, but when I read of what He offers I realized that it was exactly what I wanted to have and achieve. I ask only for basic guidance, but if you can offer any direct help it would be greatly appreciated.

Trying to escape christianity by running into the arms of Satan is rather pointless in my opinion. It’s like trying to escape a prison cell by moving all your belongings to the other side of the room.

The very thing you are trying to get away from is still controlling you.

I agree.I come from a christian background and know what its like to try and escape everything you’ve been taught about god,jesus,and the holy spirit.I left it when i was around 21 and struggled with the indoctrination of god being the one and only true god for over 10 years,and have recently just accepted from my personal world view that yes he is a god.Just not the only one around.

I understand. What should I do from here then? And why would I get a reply about Belial if it’s a pointless quest?

Not a pointless quest.

First, how much research have you done on Belial and what is it you think he offers? And in particular for you?

Second, who is Satan to you?

Third, what kind of break did you have with xianity, soul-shattering, gradual awakening, etc.? I went through it the hard way and it made a huge difference. http://journeyfree.org/rts/

I currently am surrounded by xians and basic ritual items are not so difficult to come by.

Incense: both frankincense and myrrh are known for their relaxing and healing properties if you are under a lot of stress. As is sandalwood.

Oil: Virgin olive oil is healthy to cook with. Essential oils, too.

Candles in multicolors just look festive. Obviously, you’ll have favorites.

Bowl of water or blank computer screen for scrying.

Maybe a pack of tarot cards if you have any privacy. If not, anything dangly can become pendulumy. I use muscle testing for yes/no, though.

A nice sound file of shamanic drumming or metronome beats help develop a sense of rhythm and astral travel focus.

I have not done much research in Belial’s background, but rather in more recent stories of him. I believe he can help me become more confident and give me the ability to rely on myself. I believe Satan is a deity that can help guide me to power, wisdom, and truth.

OOo! Sounds fun for you, then. Happy searching! :slight_smile: You have a journal to keep track of your progress? Mine is pink and covered in kitties and butterflies. Its been an invaluable tool, as well.

I have a few notebooks I could use.

Best place to start is by learning what’s called “theta-gamma synch” (TGS) - this newsletter will get you started there: How to enter, and recognise, Theta-Gamma Synch (TGS) and the Rapture state.

You could also begin with sigil-opening: How to start using spirit sigils.

And don’t forget to do a Search on here along with other offsite research - a lot of people here have worked with Belial, and you might find something useful there.

The_Cusp wrote: Trying to escape christianity by running into the arms of Satan is rather pointless in my opinion. It's like trying to escape a prison cell by moving all your belongings to the other side of the room.

The very thing you are trying to get away from is still controlling you.

I really want to agree with you, because it appears to make logical sense, but I was never raised as a Xian (aside from the pervasive culture, e.g., hymns at school assembly every morning), England’s very secular and my particualr social group doubly so, and I was never baptised or anything, and yet STILL the conscious un-baptism I did of myself to rid my life of all Xian “Programming, Beliefs, or Practices” was incredibly powerful.

Anyway, eirikbyrz, I posted about some of my experiences subverting that Xian programming here, and I don’t consider myself a “satanist” (though by conventional slang terms I guess I pretty much am) and nor is Satan a being I’ve ever sought out to work with - still, I found value and power in disrupting the influence of that stuff in my life.

There are more ways to undermine that stuff than running to Satan (as understood as an opposite pole of the same value system as Xianity) however it seems like you’ve had solid spirit contact from Belial and that’s possibly the best place to start, so good luck with it and keep us posted! And yes - keep good journals, sometimes the very early stuff you get is very powerful in setting your course for the long-term, and one of my few regrets about magick is the periods when I didn’t keep good records and know I lost valuable insights or predictions, so don’t let that slip - even a few scribbled notes and diagrams are better than relying on memory alone.

Thank you so much for your helpful advice! I will look more into using Belial’s sigil and different chants to try and contact him. I will keep notes.

You probably found it already but the enn for Belial is “Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial” from the Modern Demonolatry PDF, as far as I know that’s pronounced pretty much as it reads using modern USA-English pronounciation, since these are quite a recent thing.

And here are the Four Incantations To Conjure Limitless Power from one of E.A.'s newsletters, the 07:22 YouTube video for that is online here.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Still consider how many similarities there are with what you are doing and what they are doing. Highly ceremonial, you probably have an altar or two. There are useful, salvageable elements from these old paradigms. To throw it all away is a waste!

If you have a mercedes but you don’t like it because you wanted a lambo, you don’t leave the mercedes in the garage while you wait for your lambo.

Well my stuff is more inspired by the forms that pre-date Xianity… I was into all the Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Indian stuff, whereas nothing in my experience of Xianity resembled those - maybe if I’d been raised as a Catholic or one of the Orthodox faiths, or ever actually gone to church, but we didn’t.

The oldest paradigms were watered down, debased (and sometimes hated - e.g, the Protestants and their pared-down churche interiors) by Xians so with respect I don’t see any need to consider their influence as significant to how a lot of magicians practice.