Where to start properly with basic magick

Happy New year all!

As I mentioned earlier that I did couple of times sigil magick. … so I wanted to start now with some real work and wondered which book would help to start off nice and easy with basic magick work…
Thanks in advance :blush:

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Any book by the Gallery of Magic is good, beginner-friendly, and tool-free. Also, New Avatar Power.

Also see below:


If you nail down meditation and energy work (to the point where u can feel and direct energy) you’ll be miles ahead of most people in the word.
Until you figure out your path or what system to follow… meditation and energy work will get you a long way.





I agree !! But do you have some recommendation for certain books?

Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand. Don’t think that simple means weak. Some of the most simple magick can also be some of the most powerful. That book in particular I’ve found to be very powerful, and if you really read into the book it can be used for any situation. It also covers Sigil Magick, has a good Banishing, a few other rituals, from a divinatory ritual that incorporates spirits, to a ritual of incorporating personality traits into yourself, and even Full Evocation. I highly recommend it. Many of the Gallery of Magick’s books you can essentially find useful for the rest of your life.

It’s also very safe to use.

Otherwise, I also recommend 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand. The ritual is longer and more complex but easy to do. It’s also very safe to use.


Work through Franz Bardon´s Initiations into Hermetics and you will be powerful.

Thank folks for the info

Archangels of Magick I am reading it now and indd thus far sooo good and simple but even it is simple I Just stop sometimes with reading Just to be sure why and what


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No problem, it is a masterpiece :slight_smile: and like I said before, don’t think simplicity makes the magick weak! Some of the most simple rituals can really be world-changingly powerful.

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No doubt it sure is😀

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You should delete that post since sharing pirated copies is against the rules on here (This site does belong to a publishing company, it wouldn’t be good if they allowed their forum to share pirated works).

But I also don’t recommend pirating the GOM’s books in particular. They do curse pirated copies.


I REALLY did not know that so I have to stop reading and buy the book? And I deleted the message with the link

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Yes just delete the copy and purchase it on Amazon.

Thanks again :sweat_smile: well gonna buy the book Just was at the beginning of a good chapter​:joy:

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look for Robert Bruce’s book on the subject. I believe there a course on balg with him as well. Reiki… Qigong… it’s nice. And i should definitely indulge on it more myself.

A book i’ll for sure recommend is Robert Bruce’s New Energy Ways. It will also give you a good base on visualization and projection.