Where to start, honestly?

Hi guys, been lurking on this forum for long time now but never got into starting anything except dabbling here and there.

Tried the money cashbook and got some results, can enter theta gamma sync but not much more than that.

I’m tired now of sitting on the fence as it’s really a shit place to be, it’s time to jump in.

What I really need is some advice on opening and building up my chakra system starting from the root. Any ideas are welcome including meditations, rituals or whatever.

Sick of this mind constantly holding me back with its limitations and being afraid of the unknown.

Gotta man up and take that step into the dark, fear is fear and it doesn’t last. Any help is much appreciated.


just stop thinking too much. be objective. get yourself the demons of magick book and follow the instructions exactly. There are safety precautions included in the steps and sigils. So you can’t be afraid with such safety net. I think there are quite a few demons that you can request to improve your psychic skills and energy etc… related to developing your energy system. of course using magick is indirect route.

you can explore yoga. it helps balance your chakra. probably one of the few practices that emphasize chakra cultivation through posture/ meditation/ breathing.


I have the demons of magick book and read through already.

Just need to stop holding back and being somewhat afraid.

then what you waiting for? a book collecting dust does you no good. =o)
I know. your just reading the book to get brain exercise. :+1:

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Cheers wisepup, thanks for the kick up he ass.

Much needed and appreciated.

Time to get poppin with this book.

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There a book titled Moon spells on wicca.
I started my magickal journey with it :kissing_heart:

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Will check the book out too. Cheers

Hey let me tell you something always take that leap you do not know what you will get always take that chance get a Ouija board how do spirits talk to demons and see what answers they give you I kept that chance I went on to a app Spirit Box I said is there any spirit or demon wants to be friends all I heard is I’m a demon and I said demon what you like to be friends and all I heard is a of course so see if you can talk to a demon or spirits and see what they tell you it might give you a good answer it Minot that’s the chance that you have to take

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did batman put you in the fun house for the yr? now you broke out!! yeah!! people scared of you. they wont’ take you seriously. j/k

welcome back.

Where I would start is learning and practicing various forums of divination. Tarot cards are popular, but also learn things like dream recall and writing your dreams down. I highly recommend having one or more magical journals just to keep track of what is going on, this helps especially if you are a hardcore skeptic, who doubts in the reality of magick and all that stuff to troubleshoot your practice should things not go the way you would like them to go.

Next, and probably most importantly, but honest with yourself about your feelings, this is where a lot of people get into trouble (or at least I did) that is people who have a habit of pretending to feel a certain way in the day to day in order to get on with people or at least not have them get all mad at you, and then it can translate into lying to yourself. After doing it for years and years, it can be hard untangle the whole mess (so I would suggest avoiding that to start with if at all possible.)

After that, I would suggest learning some forms of banishing and grounding. You may not think you need it right away. It can seem to be a waste of time to practice banishing rituals over and over again, but believe me, things can get intense, so knowing some basics helps. It also really helps to have people who understand what you are going through, places like this forum.

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i hope this maybe useful to you…

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Just do the basics - kabbalistic cross, LBRP, middle pillar, chakra tuning etc till the fears lessen

Get into a routine and get strengthened, get familiar with putting yourself into different brainwave states- theta is what most magick seems to be worked in

I’m absolutely loving Brian Scott’s meditations on YouTube right now

Oh and Wim Hof breathing is fantastic… I’m doing NAP and I just can’t get into trance without it but it has health benefits beyond magick too and is natural DMT release which helps with third eye :eye:

That’s all I got rn, but it’s what I have begun with and it’s very tangible

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