Where to heck!?


So I’ve been starting to use baked goods as offerings rather than veggies and fruits like I normally do… WHERE THE HECK DO I PUT THEM AFTER?
I usually put them in nature… but that’s kind of hard to do with pastries… especially in Canada in the winter lol


Could burn them?


If you cannot give them to the Earth because it’s covered in snow or frozen, then just throw them in the trash, or, even better, a compost pile (I live on Canada’s Wet Coast and my city provides every household with a compost bucket).

I would still give a polite prayer of thanks to the spirits as you do so though, the same as if you were giving it back to the Earth.


I would recommend to attempt a full ritual burn.


Remember anything with raisins and currants is toxic to dogs, as well as chocolate, so please don’t put anything like that where a dog may find them. :+1:


Thanks so much! All of these were great suggestions!