Where to find the truth?

I would like to ask the community which entity I can attempt to work with to gain knowledge and truth. I have been struggling lately in knowing whether or not what what I am doing in life is okay or not. I hold a lot of fear and people are trying to guide me towards the path of light but I can’t tell if good is really all that good. Evil seems to hold a lot of truth. Anyways, any help would help lol.

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I would recommend the archangels Raziel and Metatron.

Raziel can provide knowledge of the secrets of the universe and Metatron can help with knowledge of your personal spiritual Ascent.

Light and Dark are not all that different. The Light can burn and the Dark can heal. They are not mutually exclusive, and they are not “good” and “evil,” but two sides of the same coin.


God Thoth :+1: