Where to buy custom stones?

Straight to business, anyone got any idea where to buy custom crystals and stones.
To be specific, I am looking for an Aqua Aura Sphere 30mm in size.

I feel stumped because I have a hard time finding any that meet my expectations.

Tried ebay? And also- what is this aqua aura stone? First heard…

And Etsy.

I need exactly 30mm round sphere, but somebody gotta make these stones, so I want to get in touch with a craftsman, I am currently messaging retailers to source a stone, but since someone gotta know somebody who can do it, I also ask one forums like these.

EDIT: Aqua Aura is quartz treated with gold particles, tinting it in a beautiful blue hue.
It is a stone connected with the Throat Chakra, and because I resonate very strongly with the stone, I want one for a rather ambitious piece of artifice to challenge my craft.

As I have read, this kind of stones are covered by thin metal cover. This stuff aren’t made by craftsman’s but instead by industry because you need quite high technology of surface enginering to made such think.

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https://www.the-crystal-alchemist.com/store/p193/AquaAuraSphere.html closest size i can find

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