Where does the cross originate?

Where did the cross come from?
I mean they work.
They work to ward off negative vibrations I’ve used them in the past.
Except for the part where you yell christ compels you like a maniac that part I don’t partake in lol.


I have a pre-Christian version of the Ethipoian cross among my small but growing collection of esoteric necklaces. Apparently each point represents an element (fire, earth, water, air). I can’t find anything more on the cross online.

Brigid has her own cross (which is made on Imbloc and burned along with her doll the next year for new beginnings) so the cross is definitely Pagan, but some people think there’s a connection with the Shwastika and the cross. The Norse and Ukrainians were historically known to use Shawastikas in a similar context to a cross. They only became a “bad thing” when Hitler tilted the axis and inverted it to represent hard work (and used that symbol to argue that Jews don’t do any work). The Hindus, Buddhists and Jains still use the Shwastika to this day to represent unity.

The Ankh (sometimes called the Egyptian Cross) represents life. Sometimes gods were shown feeding Ankhs to humans as an act of healing or giving life. S. Connelly’s Complete Book of Demonaltry also touches on the idea of the Ankh representing the elements and ultimately the All, Atem or Amen (or Satan in her terms)

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