Where do you buy copal resins and charcoal?


I’m running very low on frankincense, so I have to stock up on more incense. The same goes for my supply of charcoal. But instead of just doing everything I normally do, I’d love to hear what you guys are using. I was thinking about trying out copal resins instead. Anyone who knows a good place in EU to buy large copal resins of the good quality?
And what type of charcoal do you use and where do you buy it? I have spend up all my New Age charcoal discs, and all I have left is some supposedly “better” quality charcoal. I have to spend some time blowing on it to light it and it doesn’t last as long as the New Age coals. Plus it crumples after a while making it almost useless for longer rituals. So I was thinking about sticking to buying some more of the New Age charcoal discs, but perhaps you know of a better solution.


To add to Attis’ question, what kind of censer do you use, and where did you get it?


I use a copper cauldron as censer, which I got at a flea market.
It looks a bit like this: http://i.istockimg.com/file_thumbview_approve/2989081/2/stock-photo-2989081-copper-cauldron.jpg


I just get mine by the pound here: http://www.azuregreen.net/Copal-Granular-Incense-1lb/productinfo/IGCOPB/

Not sure what shipping would be outside of the US though… maybe Amazon would also have good pricing?


An herb store in the nearest city to me carries it, I buy it there. What country are you in? I know some people who live in various EU countries… might possibly be able to get you some suggestions for buying it local instead of over the net…


In some countries you can find good quality charcoal at the stores which sell waterpipes and tobacco products.
I live in the EU and I buy charcoal and the resins I need online because it’s cheaper and I have more options to choose from.
Whenever I am in my home country though,I buy such things from stores which sell lanterns,incense burners etc for the church or the graveyards.



I just ordered the copal, some charcoal, and a censer from here, will post back when they come in.

I’ve never used incense during evocation, this should be very interesting.


Amazon is the best. I use Holland charcoal brand and the incense is pretty cheap


same here

Uncle Fester


Heres a wee witch in Wales I bought a bag of lovely Copal from and nice burning coals too…Cheap as chips and good quality.