Where do I start?

Three years ago my life turned upside down. I didn’t ask to go down this road. I’m not complaing. I lost all. Doors seemed to open up in spite of my belief system. January 2018, till June 2nd 2019 was hell. In the real sense. A state of mind. I have had spiritual experiences I cant explain. My belief system has been challenged and torn apart. Examples…last year I knew I wasn’t alone and asked who was there. I heard a female voice say Lilith…Beelzebub came to my mind one day last year and I became obsessed with it…that lead me here, August 2019. I looked into these things I’ve been through on this site, and find out I’m not crazy. Its been months since I’ve been on this site. I was sure I was going to hell, just for going through what I did and for being curious. For looking into all this. Contempt prior to investigation So to speak. So I backed off. A few days ago I felt drawn to come back…by Lucifer…I believe. I had a breif moment of deep communication with him…(not sure how I know that). He in turn impressed upon me the name Azazel. Never heard that name in my life…I look into it on here…and He’s real!!! I’m low key freaking out, but feel a deep sense of some sort of spiritual awakening taking place…also, a deeper sense of what the Truth is… I spent my whole life believing I lived in, and knew the “Truth”. I feel like I’m being turned inside out…or right side in…if that makes sense. I dont know what to do. I don’t know where to start. I’m afraid. I don’t wanna go down this road the wrong way. I can see how ignorant I have been in life. All I want is the fucking truth. I need help. Please. Thank you for listening and reading.

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Just take it slow. Some instances will be overwhelming, while most times may be boring (learning process etc.) Work with the entities calling you and further progress into your path. You will find great success over time.

Thank you for the encouragement.