Where do angels come from?

I am interested in working with angels and i have a book with their sigils and rituals. There is one thing that really interests me… i have researched, where do these angels come from? There are 7 archangels and many others. I have only found out that their origin is the Christian/Judeo faith and probably has Zoroastrian origin as well. I do not believe in this God YHWH nor do i believe in the bible. I believe that this god “El” is an ancient deity from the Mesopotamian religion and the ending of these angels is “El”… Rapha-el, Micha-el… which means from God. Are these beings are really light beings everyone claims to be… i just want to know where they really come from before evoking them.


Angels exist outside of any religious paradigm . They are do not belong to Christianity, Judaism, or anything else. You can debate their origins all you like, but it won’t get you anywhere, because they will conform to whatever belief you have of them, If you believe they were created to “praise Gawd” then that is what they will give you. My advice: Evoke them and ASK.

I am currently making my way through an angel pathworking from EA’s book Evoking Eternity, without any kind of religious framework whatsoever, and am having no issues. I also work with demons, and the angels have no problems with them either. A lot of what is written about them simply isn’t true.


I understand… i should evoke them myself and ask them :slight_smile: many people have had good experience with angels. I tend to be more careful and learn about a spirit before i evoke them. Should i do a protection circle before evoking them? In the book it doesn’t mention anything about protection. Can i attract any lower Spirits during the evocation?

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A circle isn’t for protection. The main purpose of a circle is to help the magician center himself in Eternity. It is the place where you stand as God at the center of creation. You can do without if you want to.


Don’t need no protection you are gawd and will be fine just be respectful


And then there was Enkidorat…!!!.. An awesome angel that I have met, a Grand Angel from Kingdom of flames, who is an angel of Ascent and acts as a personal trainer more than a guide for making you a “better person”.