Where did Satan come from?

Who Invented Satan ? Where did Satan come from ?


It came from a man made book called the bible but i might be wrong. It came from the story that when lucifer rebelled against god and fell down he fell down from heaven he was now known as satan (the devil, etc. He has a lot of names he goes by.

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Satan was created by the Church, based on a short sentence within one story in the Bible.

The Satan was the title of an angel tasked with proving why a soul did not belong in Heaven. The prosecuting attorney, so to speak, of God’s court. He served a similar function to Annubis in the Egyptian pantheon who weighed the heart to see if you were worthy of entering your afterlife. If you were not, your heart was devoured by the God Ammut.

Satan, the Big Bad, the antithesis of God, didn’t exist until the Church created him by combining the title of the Satan with the myth of Lucifer, who was cast out of Heaven for the sin of Pride, because he refused to bow before Man, God’s finest creation.

Without Christianity, Satan wouldn’t exist.