Where can I get the black pullet #16 ring?

Does anyone know where I could get just the ring? Etsy seems to be down and Amazon has the set from 1 seller at $199 but I only need the ring and the picture barely shows the ring and it has 0 reviews.

Etsy was working for me

Ive bought one from this shop


I get HTTP ERROR 429 and it says if problems persist contact the site owner. Very weird. Its working for you right now?

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Yes I was just on there

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hmmmm very weird I’ve been trying on and off for half hour and its the only website that wont work for me

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Well that sucks. :disappointed_relieved:

The link worked fine for me as well just now.

Error 429 means your system is making too may requests and the server is overwhelmed.

The funny thing is its not though.

sure does but its allgood

It must be if you are getting error 429 lol

Have you Googled the error and tried any of the troubleshooting steps available to resolve it?

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yea I did. still nothing. works on my phone though so ill check it out thru there.

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Thank you! I got it says it’s going to take 4 weeks to arrive though but better late than never.

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Oh wow just wanna say I actually havent had a thought about the black pullet in sometime! But it has been one that captured my interest years ago! Ty for this! Its definitely one I want to read and add to my library

Back in the 1970s and up to a few years after the advent of the internet you couldn’t get shit! Grimoires were hard enough and expensive! Now there’s all this stuff for sale and all those texts on-line. This the main reason I hate and envy practitioners who never knew a world without the internet. You cannot appreciate just how hard it used to be.

Book covers enticed with bare breasted Voodoo priestesses pulling apart live chickens and sky-clad Wiccans. Municipal libraries had Peter Haining occult, coffee-table books. Had to travel close to 90 minutes on public transport to get decent incense.

Anton LaVey was the lhp, otherwise there were films.



This may be the most honest, sincere, non sarcastic, and true comment I have seen from you, Uncle Al.


And all the over-priced books (with Tables at the end) were northern hemisphere, which meant I was using a page of world times I obtained from the local Travel Agent and trying to convert northern hemisphere hours into Australian time. By the time you did that and got all the appropriate metals and (mostly northern hemisphere) plants, woods or next to impossible to obtain incenses required, you were so fretfully deranged that effective Magick proved impossible!

And as for me being insincere, sarcastic, frustrated, hate-filled and nasty; I ask that you perish these thoughts.



Ah, that’s better. Thank you.